Exams and Economics

Image showing large to-do list and short done listWell, as the days pass, you realize the exams are only getting closer. That send terrible chills down my back.

I suppose that I have never ever felt so unprepared and overwhelmed before. There just seem to be so much work and never enough time.

Every time I have one good day, I seem to have five other bad days. Overall, it’s not good. I just end up really stressed and the problem is when I am stressed, I get even more demotivated. And so, this is not a good situation for me at all.

I really do want to do well in my year one so that I don’t have to repeat it. I really don’t want to waste anymore time or money.

As much as exams really stresses me out, I do enjoy learning. I do love going to class and simply learning. There is just so much things to digest and a lot of the stuff is really mind blowing.


New Malaysian currency

Recently in class, I learnt about credit creation in Introduction to Economics and that really blew away my mind. Can you imagine that our money is created? I mean, the amount that is printed by the Central Bank is not much but because of the banking institutions, it has multiplied our money. It goes to show that loans from the banking institutions are really important and so is changing of hands of the money. It’s really interesting because it has made me stare at my money and realize that it’s creation. It only goes to show that the quantity of money is not fixed. It can be increased and decreased.

For some reason, the thought that it is a creation gave me hope. It gave me hope because it only goes to show that things aren’t quite certain and in a way, we can control them. That really helps give me peace.

If quantity of money can be changed, I can certainly manage my own exam stress. I know it’s not relevant but that’s how it made me feel.

Carmen is studying the BSc Economics and Management in Malaysia.

One Response to Exams and Economics

  1. samantha. says:

    I feel you, Carmen! Although I think it’s a huge benefit to love your classes, it’s something I think too many of us forget too often. I’m sure you’ll manage your stress fine. 🙂 All the best!

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