Getting around roadblocks

Super Mario stomping on obstacles

It’s time to get on top of those study roadblocks!

What makes the earth spin? Day to day experiences dictate that an applied force is required to keep something in constant motion. However, contrary to belief, a force is required to stop movement – for example, what stops a rolling ball is the force of friction. Movement is presumed to be a natural tendency…

This may seem far stretched, but drawing parallels,  it makes me ponder over what keeps us from moving on in accordance with our plans; case in point, study plans.  A shift of focus from motivation, or the lack of it, to the roadblocks, is a good starting point for its assessment.

Pushing ourselves to complete a target seldom works, at least not for long enough. The trait of occupation is inherent in us, which is what entails boredom during long breaks…. What then, hinders progress? Procrastination and distractions – but delay and dissipation are only symptoms.

The strongest impingement is that of fear. Psychological theory has it, that we have around 50,000 thoughts a day and most of them are negative. Getting rid of them is a tedious task in itself, and I must admit to being a hypocrite when it comes to giving ‘study tips’… However, there are two significant initiatives I have picked up along the way, to help reduce, if not neutralize the distress…

Don’t let stress define you: Constant expression of your stress is as harmful as constant suppression… The three unmagical words, “I am stressed”, don’t have to become a part of every second conversation. The feeling just takes deeper and deeper root every time we ruminate about it.

Think about the weight you give to a mark gained versus a mark lost: usually, the latter will be greater. I don’t undermine the importance of marks, but it is most important to imbibe the subtext in the following example:

Once, a famous banker was asked what lead to his success:

“Right decisions,” he replied.

“What led to that?”

“Experience,” came the answer.

“What gave you the appropriate experience?”

“Wrong decisions!”

Going wrong is not all that scary…

The keynote is to keep it simple… You don’t have to go out of the way, but rather get those roadblocks out of your way!


Hema is studying the BSc Banking and Finance with the University of London International Programmes in India.

2 Responses to Getting around roadblocks

  1. carmensakura says:

    This was really helpful. Thanks~~~!

  2. thakurhema says:

    Glad you found it helpful @Carmansakura 🙂

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