Music or studies? How about both!



The neurons of my grey matter were almost overloaded with the different formats of the Java programming language five years back. They meant nothing more than permutations and combinations of alpha-numeric characters – ‘system.out.println’, still stuck in my memory. It was time for exam preparation, rather preparation for puking it out during those tense hours. I had already sensed that computer programming (the backbone behind  modern computing) was not my cup of tea.

The exams went over and I passed the computer paper bidding my final goodbye to the computer sciences lab of St.Xavier’s school, Burdwan (my alma mater). Now it was time for change: to try something new. Destiny went on her own course and I ended up meeting  Economics. Neither had I any idea about the subject nor did my parents. I was eager. As a result, I soon got hold of my book ‘Principles of Economics’. My eye balls picked up speed and so did my interest. Reading about the different  schools of thought  and how the subject developed, I came across Lionel Robins – the founder of Neo-classical economics and thereby came across the revered London School of Economics. Since then the inner craving for the prestigious institution grew and its ideals caught my fascination. I started delving deeper into the layers of the social sciences as a whole. To me it meant a lot more than just hypothesis. It was such a science which could actually change lives of masses and spread a glow of warmth.

Budhaditya performing live.

Performing live!

Reading more about society and culture, the inner self started showing proclivities towards the grand old dame – Indian classical music. Though not as famous as metal rock or jazz, it was the peace of mind that it offered helped my soul establish the bridge between music and study. Difficult it might sound, but it was a breeze. As years passed by, I was already running the last lap of my +2 level. Akin to all my classmates, I was little confused and disoriented. Studies or music? Answers were not with me.

The trail ahead seemed to be opaque and I could see myself searching for in the dark. Searches on Google went up frantically . A plethora of options were available but the decision could not be thought of. The ‘Downloads’ section of my Google Chrome browser were stacked up with all the admission forms of Indian colleges, professional courses like Chartered Accountancy, Law and even fashion designing. I continued to hover in vagueness but only for a few days.

My +2 exam results were declared and by the grace of God, I managed to score a healthy ‘A’.  Jumping onto the bandwagon, I filled up college admission forms and even decided to take on the Common Law Admission Test the day itself the results were declared. Getting to know about a modest result, my uncle (whom I lovingly call Ghotu), aunt and my younger sister came to our house from Calcutta for a stay. Listening to my future plans, Ghotu suddenly opined within a fraction of a second, ‘Why don’t you enroll yourself with the University of London International Programmes?’ My uncle had already enrolled into the LLB course with the same university but I had a very scanty knowledge about it. I laughed out loud assuming it to be a joke. Determined to convince me, he took out his iPad and navigated to the highly sophisticated VLE and explained at length. I have to admit that the convocation pictures provided a real boost. After that there was no looking back…

Thoughts and actions in unison, I got my certificates attested at the British Council office, and I applied for the BSc in Accounting and Finance. The VLE was allotted and the account ready. Never had I imagined that I would study courses directed by the LSE and having the chance of earning a University of London, that too as per my flexibility. The University of London International Programmes came as a saviour for me with Ghotu the messenger. Saviour only due to the reason that it has given me a lifetime chance to live my life as my true self. Life has since then become much easier and enjoyable: with ample time for my music and studies at the same time. Thankfully, instead of joining the race for catching the bus to the college before the break of dawn, I can take my sweet time and delve into the depths of the great gorge which is nothing but knowledge. Finally, enrolled into the BSc in Accounting and Finance programme, Chartered Accountancy and pursuing music, I have got my goals set and a dream to live up to!

@ the Viceregal Lodge, Shimla, India Cheers!

Budhaditya Bhattacharyya

Budhaditya is studying the BSc Accounting and Finance by distance learning in Burdwan, India. He is in his first year.

3 Responses to Music or studies? How about both!

  1. KK says:

    Honoured to be dedicated almost half a para of attention by my nephew…indeed a rare oven-fresh talent ready to take on the world stage. Look forward to the literally literary musical economist of a new era!

  2. KK says:

    Reblogged this on kallolkundu.

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