Here’s to new beginnings…

I have attempted to write this blog post on new beginnings, several times during the last month, only to leave it incomplete. I couldn’t bring myself to write it because for me, it didn’t feel like the academic year had actually begun. Yes, I had selected the subjects for the year, registered online, and even downloaded the subject guides but I didn’t have any hard evidence to pull me out of my prolonged holiday bliss.

Then I came home last evening to find the now familiar cardboard box marked University of London. For a moment I just stood there looking at it. My books had arrived. Procrastination was not an option anymore. The new academic year had indeed begun.

Sandarenu's box of books

It is a new beginning as well as the beginning of an end for me; the third and the final box of text books had arrived. I didn’t rush to open the box to take in the smell of fresh text books like I had the first time; nor did I open it with the lazy confidence like I did the second time.

The box this time around is a sweet reminder of my small personal victories. I thought of the switch from the teacher to student I had to make during my first year, my Plan B that got me through my second year and that moment of panic when I realized I had left my statute book at home few a minutes before my Trust Law exam. I had completed two academic years, learned all that law, passed all those exams and most importantly not given up when the going has been tough.

However, the box is more than the mark of a new beginning this time. I know that when I open the box, it is not only those theories and cases and statutes that I have to learn. I know that along with all the text books, study guides and reading material, lie fresh challenges that will push me to my limits, question my commitment and make me work harder than I have the last two years to jump over my one last hurdle. Then again, I also know that when I am done with the box this time, I will be a fresh graduate, ready for another new beginning.

So, here’s to new beginnings…

Sandarenu is studying our Bachelor of Laws (LLB) by distance learning in Sri Lanka.

5 Responses to Here’s to new beginnings…

  1. Ifiok Asuquo says:

    All the best dear.

  2. Nirmanie Kumaradasa says:

    Love your article! =D Your jump this hurdle better than you did the ones before! Cheers hun! <3

  3. Sarasi says:

    Good one! But glad that u opened the box! 😉

  4. Siddhi Siriwardana says:

    I share your sentiments in common, as I am also working with the last box of books for my LLM. Let’s kick off procrastination !

  5. sandarenua says:

    Siddhi – cheers to that! Hope the revision is going smooth!

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