University hopper @ 41, once more!

Last month, one sultry afternoon I was busy in my office finalising a particularly delicate audit report, when my wife’s SMS queued in ‘…your Fedex box is in…’

Jumping off my chair, I dashed out, hopped into my car and navigated through the busy streets of Calcutta as if my life was on fire and reached home in no time! My wife’s eyebrows narrowed as if she was staring at a ghost ‘…are you well? All okay at the office…?’ My 14-year-old daughter was smart to sense my reason for exhilaration and wasted no time bargaining for her share of the pie for giving me my ‘box’. Twenty-four years after stepping out of college, KK-Blogs1I could feel my teenage excitement once again as I leafed through the fresh pages of my newly arrived University of London International Programmes LLB study guides. True, I had seen it all a couple of weeks earlier through the highly sophisticated prism of our ‘VLE’, but the reality of the ‘oven-fresh’ pages far overwhelmed all virtues of virtuality. I was rejuvenated, almost therapeutically.

So what, on earth, my friends questioned, did a (luckily) fairly well established business professional dream of, to be motivated into a UoL degree of law all over again? Honestly, the decision was driven not so much by the brain as much it was by the heart. The story goes a year back, when one day staring at the majestic Himalayas on a rather romantic holiday, my notion of career, fame and accomplishment suddenly took an unreasoned U-turn.

Without delving too much into philosophy, let me plainly state that on my return from the hills to the ‘plains’, I met this grand old lady called the University of London on the net and was immediately drawn to her like a magnet. ‘Law’ was narrated to me like a gripping novel, very different from the coarse and mundane set of rote rules that I have been used to, up to now. I began feeling as though the subject, that I once hated cramming into, suddenly seemed to have the potential of intermingling with my persona. I thus made up my mind to decidedly embrace it as a companion for the rest of my journey left in life.

As days and weeks progressed, I have tended to increasingly feel that the practice of ‘law’ is more akin to the practice of, say, religion, rather than profession. From now on, god willing, I’ll probably need my profession only to fund my passion. It is this chance discovery that has rekindled my youth in mid-age and helped ignite the fire in my belly to fuel my marathon run. It is thus that I didn’t mind squeezing into the space that should otherwise rightfully be occupied by minds younger than mine.

I can only thank my stars for having shown me the way to the doorsteps of the University of London International Programmes. The sheer pleasure of this august company will hopefully come in the way of any remorse, should any, that might creep within me in future for having taken this life-changing decision.

Welcome, dear friends, let’s together partake this ‘Odyssey’ and enjoy from here on!

Cheers, KK

KK is studying the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) by distance learning in Kolkata, India. He is in his first year.

18 Responses to University hopper @ 41, once more!

  1. Shaveen Bandaranayake says:

    All the very best KK. You’re going to enjoy every moment of your LLB (until a few weeks before your exam) 🙂


    Shaveen Bandaranayake from Sri Lanka

  2. asraf the great says:

    all the best KK , ,
    dont forget to Utilise VLE , as previously i always abandoned my VLE
    ,hope miracle will come and grab me as this is my 2nd attempt in intermediate level ;P

  3. BB says:

    SUAVE! A cascading literary ride of emotions driven by the stars!

    All the best!

  4. Legal Eagle says:

    I remember the euphoria when I first got “the box” I could not wait either to get my hands on it and open it. I am presently in my fourth and final year and now I am wishing it could be over already, cannot wait to get to the finish line. Its sheer passion that keeps one going, particularly when it gets tough and you have many sleepless nights working, learning and revising four subjects for exam while juggling a full time job.

  5. KK says:

    Reblogged this on kallolkundu.

  6. Reevo F ECkhardt says:

    Dear KK,

    I read with interest your eloquent and inspiring blob message from the heart….

    I also met this ‘grand old lady” the UoL a few weeks ago, through a chance encounter on the net, and, like you, I have been equally mesmerised and drawn into, and by the magnetic attraction of the UoL, to onging “learning” and to ” Law” which has spurred me into action. I have also just this week commenced the LLB, and share in a similar life-changing experience and passion for the intellectual companionship of the UoL and the LLB.

    I am involved in Migration Law and completing a Master’s degree in Migration Law and Practice in Australia. The LLB appeared to be the logical next step, however, not just any LLB. The UoL LLB given my circumstances and requirements, has the” best fit”, and has inspired me beyond measure, with the same passion and belief, reminiscent of the time, some years ago, when I met the love of my life – now my wife. When I proposed to her, I knew she was the one… I know and believe the UoL LLB is the one for me!

    I look forward to this journey of discovery, on this Odyssey, as it is likley at this early stage, that you too have identified further study aspirations following competion of the LLB. I look forward with great anticipation to engaging with you during our studies as the LLB is a journey and not a destination.

  7. Saviour komla Sobia Deikumah- GHANA says:

    I had a similar exciting and nervous feeling when the DHL courier guy climbed up to my office in sweat, ‘please am looking for saviour” with the Box clearly showing ,’UNIVERSITY OF LONDON INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS”. I quickly looked for pen to sign as having received my pack. I was surprised to see my ID card in card.

  8. Mimss says:

    All the best love!

  9. Marcello says:

    Hi KK
    Thank you for telling your gripping story.
    Sometimes unreasoned U-turns bring about the fallen of our certainties, but your constructive behavior has found the old lady which it will challenge you again and again.
    Welcome on board


    Marcello is studying Economics and Management (Bsc) by distance learning in Italy.

  10. Leon says:

    Welcome to the club of intermediate llb and nights of cofee and all night reading and.

  11. K. says:

    You are a great writer.

  12. Mb says:

    All the best KK!

    Your awe-inspiring blog is really giving me assurance to keep going in my chosen studies as well,…. LLB of course! Thanks!

  13. Hello all,

    If there’s anyone either taking notes (digitally 🙂 to the activity Q&A’s (presently year 1 – Public Law), I’d appreciate any direction to and/or sharing of the information. Full-time work and studies limits me to watching the lengthy pod casts to derive some of the answers.

    Cheers, Alex.
    [email protected]

  14. KK says:

    My initial euphoria had just begun to subside as I began measuring the quantum of ‘midnight oil’ I had thought I’d need to burn ‘alone’ over the next few months…when this barrage of response from all corners of the globe gushed in…and simply overwhelmed me.

    Having sailed alone into the ocean of UOL, it was a relief to discover so many ships already around in deep sea, each flag adding more colour to the rich diversity, yet so converging in thought and emotion! Friends, ‘hope’ to enjoy your august company ‘fully’ through the journey…and ‘hopefully’ much beyond.

    It sure will be a delight for me as well to engage and collaborate more actively in our common pursuit. My personal coordinates are [email protected] or, otherwise of course UOL blogosphere remains a golden rendezvous!

    Cheers, KK

  15. Send my regards to Ram Jethmalani too.

  16. Christopher Lennon says:

    Hello everyone. Second time around for me. Last time, I didn’t quite make it, for lots of reasons that don’t matter any more, but it bothered me a lot. Ate away at me for years. Suddenly, this year, I found Coursera, through the University of London newsletter I still receive and plunged in to the Common Law course and the excellent video lectures by Professors Genn and Gearey. I was soon hooked again, went to the UoL website without any firm intention and saw straighaway what I must do – apply for registration. I did it then and there. It has taken a while to complete, in my unusual case, but here I am, older than any of you, I’ll warrant, but raring to go. Hurry up, special box.

  17. Taj says:

    He is an absolute inspiration for those who are young students. I’m overwhelmed by his enthusiasm in his age.

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