My checklist for making the most out of what is left of the holidays

LLB blogger Sandarenu enjoys her holidays.

The well-deserved break is almost over and the next academic year is just around the corner. The break has been pure bliss which is why you haven’t had a blog post from me for a while. With what is left of the precious holiday, this is how I plan to make the best out of it.

1. Spend time with family and friends

My family and friends have suffered while I had my head buried on the books so I’ve made sure I have spent quality time with family and friends. I’ve taken trips with family, spent time giggling and gossiping with my girlfriends and not missed a single event I was invited to. It’s refreshing to spend time with your loved ones and makes up for all the times you’ve had to take rain checks because you were too busy attending lectures or cramming for exams. Besides, we have another academic year ahead of us, we need them to be patient and understanding while we are busy earning our degrees.

2. Get Fit

My workout schedule has been non-existent for the several months before exams as I had to put the extra hours into reading law texts. That combined with binge eating to relieve exam stress, my body wasn’t exactly in shape at the end of exams. I’ve got back to exercising; eating healthy and I’ve even tried Pilates to get back into shape. Two months into the holidays, I look and feel so much better. Staying fit, eating right and regular exercises keep your mind sharp, so what’s important is coming up with a work-out schedule that fits work and studies when the new academic year starts. That is what I’m working on right now.

 3. Take a trip

If you are like me, you’ve been sighing at the pictures your friends post on social media sites and planning trips while studying for exams. The time is here to take that trip. Do something adventurous or go somewhere relaxing. I’ve driven to Galle, a beautiful beach destination down south of Sri Lanka with my best girlfriends for two days of sun, sand and relaxing naps.

4. Learn something new or take up a hobby

Learning can be fun when you don’t have to dread exams. Is there something you always wanted to learn? Is there a hobby that was neglected during the holidays? Well, there are all those hours you put aside for studying that you can now put to good use. I have been reading and researching on time management and productivity because I certainly can do with those the coming year.

It is also good to have a hobby you can turn to when you want a break from studying.

5. Get organized and plan for the next year

Even if you claim to be the person who knows where everything is on your messy desk, admit it, getting organized helps. Have you stacked away your notes and texts from last year somewhere you can access them easily? Or if you are a bit obsessed about being organized like me, have you color coded your study material? They may sound small tasks, but each small task counts. It is easy to stay organized when you have a system.

It’s easy to keep postponing the planning when you are busy enjoying your well-deserved break; which is what I keep doing. However we all know we can’t put off planning the next year. Armed with experience from the last two years, I know the importance of planning. I’m planning so I don’t need a Plan B this year like I did the last. How about checking on the important personal and work events for the next year? Do they clash with your lectures and study schedule? Well it is time to get started on that now. I plan to give you a detailed account of my planning process in the next post.

How many have you ticked off this list? What do you have in yours? And is there anything else I should add to mine?

Sandarenu is studying our Bachelor of Laws (LLB) by distance learning in Sri Lanka.

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