Going Chile, going places…

June 15, 2013

After a rather intensive year, the gist of which I compiled in my previous blog, I’m on a post-examination trip to Chile, South America, to meet my father who is settled there.

The examination period was a journey in itself, similar to the over-30 hour journey (including transit) from India to Chile! But once you reach the destination, even though you can describe how agonizing the wait was, you can’t feel the pangs. Now I understand what my mother means when she says she can ‘appreciate but not apprehend’ my exam related stress….

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All the Best – The best of times!

April 10, 2013

So we all need a hideout corner in the midst of stressful times such as these.

For me, the only ‘corner’ I resort to is the one where my piano lay. Playing a tune and penning down an ode alongside reminds me of the importance of rhythm: Not too slow, not too fast. I always try to employ that idea in the field of academics too.

This blog contains one such ode by me, which goes out to all my fellow students at the University of London International Programmes. Cheers!

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Women and their HOLIness!

March 8, 2013

In my previous blog, I wrote about bridging gaps. Speaking of which, there’s a noticeable gap between Planet Venus and Mars, the apparent origins of women and men respectively. If you come to think of it, the descriptions do make sense.. After all, planet Venus is pretty much in between the cool-blue earth and the blazing sun – It reaches out for the star yet remains down to earth! So this blog is dedicated to those who’ve come down from that beautiful planet.

As the cliché goes, the essence of being a woman is her gentleness and her tenderness. But, these traits are misunderstood to be her weakness. In fact, I’d say they’re like grass blades which are also gentle and tender – That is what makes them flexible to bend with the storm and spring back into action thereafter. The gentleness, therefore, is a grass blades’ strength, not its weakness. The same goes for women.

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