How far we’ve come…

January 20, 2014

I have been away from the blogging arena for a while.. I haven’t been up to much though, besides settling back in India after a long vacation in Chile and thereafter plunging into my studies for my final academic year for the BSc Banking and Finance. Which makes me look back and wonder why everything looks so different today than it looked a few months ago, while each day didn’t seem all that revolutionary (in spite of my day-centric methodology which I speak of below)… Perhaps it’s because, until a few months ago I still had the flexibility to choose modules – a yearly process I’m always going to miss! I had the option to ‘do what I like’. Now that I have registered for my final examinations, I have the obligation to ‘like what I do’ – creating a liking, if it doesn’t come naturally. Paradoxically, it is only in the fulfillment of certain obligations that we achieve freedom – freedom from the fear about results, freedom from schedules that bind us rather than unwind us…

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‘Up´for it?!

July 17, 2013

Farellones in Chile.

Farellones in Chile.

In my previous blog, I wrote about an adventure sport… Gliding in the air was not enough, so I hit the snow-capped Andes to glide on their descent.  It’s winter in Chile right now, the roads were icy and the clouds descended upon the way up to the little ski resort of Farellones which made the experience akin to cruising on cloud number nine!

As I stepped out of the car and into the resort, the first thing I noticed were trails of the people who left their footprints on the snows of time, which made my hike to the peak that much easier.  Indeed, we receive guidance on every path in life we choose to tread, from the example set by the brave men who chose to tread it before. But after following those trails for miles, you arrive at a point where they seem to fade away. You’re on your own now.

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