Plan B

Plan B

One lesson I learnt from the last academic year is to plan better. I had this fool proof study schedule for this time; at least I thought I did. It had the number of hours, the areas to be covered and exactly what I hoped to achieve each day. I had planned the specific chapters from study guides to revise, pages I’d read from text books, cases I needed to find and read online and past paper questions I would attempt.

I had considered that I take longer to read Trust Law material than Tort Law, when allocating time for the subjects. I had tried to be as specific and practical as possible. I had considered all my personal and professional commitments. I was all set for the exams. Except there was one thing I had forgotten to consider in my schedule; Life. I had not realized that sometimes when we have a plan for life, life can have a different one for us.

I had forgotten all about my study schedule and exams during the long, rough drive out of Colombo where my Dad had suffered a heart attack. Hospitals, doctors, sleepless nights in hospital corridors, fearing the worst and praying for the best, my Trust Law study guide and highlighters remained in my handbag, untouched.

A week later when my Dad was back home and I had started studying a few extra hours every day to make up for the time lost, it was time for ‘Avurudu’, the Sri Lankan new year celebration that fall on 13th and 14th April every year, the biggest cultural festival in Sri Lanka. Last minute gift shopping, auspicious times to keep track of and a never ending list of relatives to visit, my study schedule was forgotten on my study table under all those heavy text books and study guides. And just when ‘avurudu’ was over and Colombo was heading back to work after the holidays, I was down with a throat infection.

I spent one entire day sulking and complaining and telling myself that there was no way I was going to pass my exams. There was so much studying to do and so little time and energy. Then I thought of my last blog post, ‘Anyone Who Doesn’t Quit Is a Winner’. I decided not to quit. I still have almost a month and if Life is kind enough not to send anymore eventful episodes my way, I guess I’d still manage. I’ll never be able to finish all those reading material or answer all those past paper questions. I’ll have to prioritize and study smart. I might not get great marks this time around, or pass at all, but it’s time to think positive, hope for the best and give it all I have got once again. I tossed my study schedule aside. It was now time for Plan B.

Valuable lesson learnt this academic year: ‘Make sure your plan is good. More importantly make sure your Plan B is better’. Happy planning what’s left of the academic year all of you, may you never need a Plan B.

Sandarenu is studying our Bachelor of Laws (LLB) by distance learning in Sri Lanka.

16 Responses to Plan B

  1. Gayashini Nanayakkara says:

    well said Sandarenu !!!!
    Wish you all the best and I have a hunch that you wil do well !!!!
    Good luck!!!!

  2. Tracy says:

    Good luck Sandarenu. You’re a winner!

  3. Mariam farid khwaja says:

    Hey best of luck. You will do fine in papers…. My best wishes are with u….. You still have time to study…. Its all the knowledge that can make u pass the exam

  4. Kurby Joursingh says:

    My grandma passed away.. I have to attend the funeral in Guyana Sunday.. 🙁 and i have exams next week.. my study plans has drastically changed.. Now I looking at a plan B plan..

  5. Mike says:

    Hi Sandarenu,

    I am amazed by your attitude. I have some useful notes which will help you. I can’t find your email ID but you may contact me by email: [email protected]


  6. Elizabeth says:

    I feel like I could have written this blog. I too had a plan which completely fell apart, and am now in the process of eliminating what I just won’t remember,and hoping for the best. If I fail, I will at least have had the experience of writing, and will do better next time. Thanks Sandarenu, it feels good to know we’re not alone!

  7. Elina says:

    All the best Sandarenu! I’m doing my part II LLB, and I’ve exams on 7th, 5days later, on the 13th and the next morning, on the 14th and the last paper 2 weeks later.. So one can imagine I’ve got to really prepare for 3 papers at one go.. and those are tough papers like Jurisprudence and Evidence.
    So, take a deep breath when you start your revision every session and pray all goes well. You’ll be fine! ^_^

  8. Tsvetelina Tsvetanova says:

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  9. Sonali Nelum says:

    You are an inspiration to all of us! Sheer grit and determination is essential.Thanks for your great comments. I am also on Plan B.

  10. Praba Namasi says:

    Well it is an excellent ideas that you have helped me to sticks to the plan no: B

  11. Azhar says:

    Hi Sandarenu,

    Winners don’t do different things but do things differently- Quoted from Shiv Khera Guru of Management.

    It’s rare to find people changing their Thinking
    though when you change your thinking you change your Beliefs,
    when you change your Beliefs;
    you change your Expectations;
    when you change your Expectations ;
    you change your Attitude
    when you change your Attitude;
    you change your Behaviour;
    when you change your Behaviour;
    you change your Performance;
    when you change your Performance;

    Sandarenu now is the time to show that you are a WINNER!!!
    Yes you can!

  12. sandarenua says:

    Elizabeth, it truly feels great to know we are not alone. Thank you everyone, for your good wishes and words of encouragement. Hope we all survive the exams and come out as winners! Good Luck everyone!!!!

  13. caroline says:

    well said and I totally agree with Azhar’s quote from Shiv,as well as Sandarenua exam survival kit “planB” am sorting my own plan B by improvising and adapting for survival, I mean its either you fight with all your mighty to break through or you watch your self sink.On that note i say come lets go! my future learned friends, we can do this, lets do our part,keep the content to the exam questions asked and flow!!! leave it in God’s hand!

  14. Isha says:

    My 1st exam is three days away and i am feeling traumatised after witnessing a terrible car accident that happened right in front of my vehicle on my way home from church. My advice to anyone right now concerning exams is to pray. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and with God, all things are possible. All the best to everyone in their pursuits.

  15. Kaye says:

    Hello Everyone

    All your encouragement really inspires me, I just started the llb program and would like any advice, notes or encouragement tht can help me prepare for this on my own. my email is [email protected]


  16. Aish says:

    Woahhhh very impressive:-) and thought provoking

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