Geoscience, Stress and Chocolate

February 27, 2014

Royal Holloway logoHello, and I hope everything is well with you. This is my second blog. The first one had a broad introduction to the course and me. Thank you for those that responded to it. I hope the title of this blog has intrigued you to read more, and is with all things – it is not quite as you might originally think… One of the core components of this blog is geological stress, rather than any human, student or blogger stresses !

I want to try to achieve 3 things in this blog:
1. Give current or potential distance learning students some personal ideas, suggestions, advice and tactics on effectively studying remotely – that at least work for me
2. Give some practical, real-world examples and illustrations of the concepts I am being introduced to in my current module – Geological structural analysis, where I will expand on the title of this blog
3. Start to initiate and encourage some feedback, dialogue and possibly more of a discussion on the course I am on – with you – my unknown and disparate audience…

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Petroleum Geoscience at the University of London – setting the scene

January 28, 2014

Picture of Pete Floyd, MSc Petroleum Geoscience, UKHi, and a personal welcome to the start of the 2014 Julian calender and this blog.

My guess is that you are reading this because you have an interest in either Royal Holloway, Geoscience, or distance learning. I am assuming that you, just like those working in the global oil and gas industry, will be of very diverse nationalities, locations, situations, knowledge and interests…

My goal for this blog is to give an informative, illuminating and entertaining perspective on Royal Holloway’s MSc Petroleum Geoscience, which I am in my second year of studying by distance learning (DL) through the University of London International Programmes. I am hoping this blog will appeal to the broad spectrum of readers, from industry experts, through to those with a passing interest and knowledge-base. At the end of this blog I have also included some links to other material for those interested in learning more.

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