All the Best – The best of times!

So we all need a hideout corner in the midst of stressful times such as these.

For me, the only ‘corner’ I resort to is the one where my piano lay. Playing a tune and penning down an ode alongside reminds me of the importance of rhythm: Not too slow, not too fast. I always try to employ that idea in the field of academics too.

This blog contains one such ode by me, which goes out to all my fellow students at the University of London International Programmes. Cheers!

We started off in September,

But we can hardly remember,

That time, when the bliss of ignorance was felt

Because we didn’t know yet, what had to be dealt!

As the academic year advanced,

We decided to give the books a glance.

Fishers’, Taylors’, Ball and Brown,

All their theories left us astound.

January came with resolutions,

Of dedicating ourselves to finding solutions!

We gave in to our wish to procrastinate,

Telling ourselves, “For the right time we’ll wait!”

Now there’s just a month in lieu,

The night looks bright while the coffee brews.

Our five-star resto is a cuppa Maggi,

Cheers us up when our eyes get baggy!

Looking up to Einstein and Isaac,

Hoping to be worthy insomniacs.

Buried in the pile of our study guides,

Making timetables by which we seldom abide.

Still victimized by procrastination

This time in the form of planning a vacation!

Time has been a paradox,

At first there was no stopping for the clocks.

And now when we want our exams to get over,

It seems to be moving so much slower.

But the joy when we tick off what we’re done with,

Makes us feel it is all worth it.

Seventy is the new ninety here,

But ‘making a mark’ is what marks the year.

So when we look back at university,

It won’t be with so much self-pity,

We will feel nostalgic about September,

But these are times we’ll most fondly remember!

Hema is studying the BSc Banking and Finance with the University of London International Programmes in India.

4 Responses to All the Best – The best of times!

  1. P. Jack says:

    Encouraging poem Herma. I can definitely identify with much of what you said. Great blessings and victory in the upcoming exams, and by extension to all other students sitting exams for the various other courses.

  2. Hema Thakur says:

    Thank you very much; Best wishes in your endeavour!

  3. Maggie S says:

    That is such an amazing poem, Hema!! 🙂 so real and down-to-earth, with a light rhythm to it. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling as I read it. Thought I was alone there lol
    Best of luck on your exams!!!

  4. Hema Thakur says:

    Thanks Maggie 🙂 Wish you once again, all the best and the best of times!

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