Women and their HOLIness!

March 8, 2013

In my previous blog, I wrote about bridging gaps. Speaking of which, there’s a noticeable gap between Planet Venus and Mars, the apparent origins of women and men respectively. If you come to think of it, the descriptions do make sense.. After all, planet Venus is pretty much in between the cool-blue earth and the blazing sun – It reaches out for the star yet remains down to earth! So this blog is dedicated to those who’ve come down from that beautiful planet.

As the cliché goes, the essence of being a woman is her gentleness and her tenderness. But, these traits are misunderstood to be her weakness. In fact, I’d say they’re like grass blades which are also gentle and tender – That is what makes them flexible to bend with the storm and spring back into action thereafter. The gentleness, therefore, is a grass blades’ strength, not its weakness. The same goes for women.

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Bridging the Gap

February 13, 2013

Hello all! I’m Hema Thakur from India, and I’m here to share my journey at the University of London International Programmes – this happens to be the first page of my travel’B’logue.

Maths, finance, economic history, unraveling the mystery, it all started with a big gap – my ‘gap’ year! I remember with sheer fondness and nostalgia my first year with the International Programmes (just about two years back). Keen and curious as I was, in spite of being a bit unsure about my pursuit, I wanted to set foot and hold one of them back at the same time. So what I decided to do is hit the runway before taking wing. To warm-up a little bit, I chose to take up just one module in year one (what I consider my gap year) and aimed to complete my degree in four years rather than three years. Gap years are unconventional here in India; people plan for their postgraduate studies as soon as they begin their undergrads! But the University of London degree wasn’t conventional either. If I was willing to go thus far on the offbeat path, I’d be willing to go a bit further. Hence, my decision to start with only one subject.

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