Well, it’s that time of the year again. It’s less than two months to our exams. I’m sure quite a few people are nervous and (3)

Honestly, so am I. This is my final year if all goes well. However, I do feel rather nervous. I feel as if I am not focused enough, not working hard enough and not absorbing the knowledge as well as I did last year. I’m comparing this year to last year and I find that my performance is rather lacking.

But being flustered by this won’t help me. In the end, I decided to just study and do my best because that’s what matters. To keep working at my studies and doing my best, that’s what will help in getting the grades I want for this year.

Anyhow the good news is, the study month is here. Hence, if your subject is offered in imagesthe study month, please do enrol. Honestly, for my previous academic years, I found the study month very useful. Even though the study month is short and it does not cover all topics, watching the videos to get clarification on certain concepts and doing the tutorials truly helped.

I managed to get clarification on certain topics and also the topics covered in the past have been very important. Thus, without a deeper understanding of that topic or concepts in that topic, this would have been fatal for me because the exams test just that.

However, unfortunately for me, of the four subjects that I am taking this year, only one subject offered a study month. Obviously, I am a little upset with that because I have relied on the study month all these years. But like I said earlier, getting flustered won’t help.

For those who feel flustered that their subjects are not offered for a study month, do not fret.

Keep studying. download

Do the past papers. Do your best to understand how the questions are asked and how to answer those questions.

Read your subject guide and do the exercises in them.

Anyhow, keep calm. Stay steady and do your best. We can do this!

Carmen is studying the BSc Economics and Management at HELP College of Arts and Technology in Malaysia.

One thought on “Countdown

  1. What you has said is true because I’m experiencing it myself now but after read this I felt better and more focused.

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