Jelly Bean and I officially enrolled in the PG Laws degree!

Jelly Bean the Highly Motivated Collie Dog

Jelly Bean the Highly Motivated Collie Dog

Well, we’ve done it. Jelly Bean and I have officially enrolled in the Postgraduate Laws Programme. Our registration is complete, our module is selected, and we have just passed a rainy evening downloading study guides and examiners’ reports. Although I did my best ETNJ planning, I have had a case of the butterflies since making the commitment to enrol in this exciting programme. Jelly Bean is a great listener, a comforting little friend for stressful days, and as you can see, she is highly motivated to get the reward coming after our training session. She is just the kind of study buddy you want to have around.

Why a graduate law programme? Are you considering this course too? It is something I thought about for the last year. I have always wanted to study law, and have always wanted to study with other colleges at the University of London.  In this model, courses are academically directed by Queen Mary and University College London. For me, this is an incredible opportunity to learn with some of the most celebrated scholars and professionals practicing today.  The colleges and academics are impressive and challenging. That is incredibly motivating.  When I think about taking courses developed by Queen Mary and UCL it is so exciting I can hardly breathe!

Many people focus on a law degree to enhance their professional credentials. That is true in my case. Career counselors and mentors I spoke with during my decision-making process told me a law degree will double my earning potential. If I have the stressful job anyway, I should have the reward of the maximum opportunity, the chance to reach my highest potential, and make the greatest contribution. More importantly, studying in this postgraduate law programme opens the way to explore issues of great importance to me in a deep and meaningful way.

For me, this journey offers so much, like reengaging with the University of London community – I earned my undergraduate degree in English at the U of L International Programmes and loved every second of it. It is a great chance to make new friends and learn from colleagues and professionals with different perspectives and experiences. Jelly Bean and I are embracing our new programme as a creative opportunity that will open doors to wider horizons we cannot imagine yet. I hope you will enjoy reading about the Postgraduate Laws Programme, its challenges and rewards. Please share your experiences with me – I need your advice and ideas to do my best in the course.

Caowrites has just enrolled in the Postgraduate Laws Programme. She previously earned a BA English degree and blogged regularly about her experience. She studies by distance learning in the United States.

One thought on “Jelly Bean and I officially enrolled in the PG Laws degree!

  1. Lovely to read your blog post again Caowrites. Your posts are always very motivating and positively inspiring. All the best!

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