Economics Talk


New Malaysian currency

Recently, I attended an economic talk by Elsa Lafaye de Micheaux (University of Rennes 2) regarding a research paper which was about the trade relationship between Malaysia and China.

It was an interesting talk. I learnt a lot more about my own country’s economy and what it exports.

I was surprised to learn that my country’s major export is machinery and transport.

Attending this talk made me think about my own future somewhat. The speaker is an economist who did this research.

I thought to myself, this is something I could do, if I wanted to.

Anyhow, it was good to see someone talk passionately about what they researched. I also love that I understood the talk and I could apply the economic knowledge I have been studying so far.

As a year 3 Economics and Management student, I found myself comfortable with the economic jargon and debate. I found myself being able to think like an economist and I really love that.

I also got into an economic debate with one of my course mates. I love that we were using our economic knowledge so far to argue our case based on what the talk was about.

In the end, the speaker was very optimistic about the economy in Malaysia and felt that the relationship between Malaysia and China would be beneficial in the long term.

Personally, I find her optimism overwhelming because of our unstable political situation. Hence, I couldn’t agree with her optimism. However, everyone has their own opinions…

Carmen is studying the BSc Economics and Management at HELP College of Arts and Technology in Malaysia.

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