Exam results a.k.a. Judgement Day

carmen3My exam results were just released.

Oh boy, I have to admit that I was a nervous mess. The moment I woke up, I was very aware that it was my result day. It also didn’t help that I had a countdown on my phone stating that it was result day.

Even in the office, I had to keep reminding myself to keep breathing and to keep calm. I was both excited and nervous. I wanted to know but at the same time, I wasn’t sure I could handle it if the results weren’t good. Exam results is judgement day to me because it’s the day that we get to find out what our hard work for a year translates to in grades.

My classmates and I decided to have dinner on our exam results day because we didn’t want to be alone. We just wanted to offer support to each other.

As I arrived in one of my classmate’s house, we got a text saying that we could get our results. Instantly, my friend and I went on her computer and we tried to get our results. Unfortunately, after an hour of trying, we couldn’t get our results. It only kept saying that our results were not available at that time.

So we decided to just leave it be and meet up with our other classmates in a restaurant.

When we reached the restaurant, news of everyone’s results were just bombarding us. It made me even more hyped and nervous. My friend and I tried to access the website on our smartphones to get our results. Unfortunately, we still couldn’t get our results.

It was a little frustrating to hear of so many of our classmates’ news and yet we did not know ours. We cannot grieve if we didn’t do well or celebrate if we did. It was just pure suspense and nerves.

As in any judgement day, you hear both good news and bad news. I rejoiced for every classmate who did extremely well and my heart went out to everyone who didn’t do as well as they wanted.

Eventually, the restaurant served our food and thankfully, the food was so good that we forgot about the fact that it was our result day momentarily.

After we ate, my friend and I tried to get our results again. Unfortunately, we still couldn’t access it.

In the end, we went home. Finally, at home, I managed to get my results.

After seeing my results, I was hit by a myriad of emotions. After a whole day of being a ball of nerves, I was tired. My results were a solid pass but there were no As. So I was a tad disappointed because I do want to get First Class Honors, but my cumulative grades so far contains no As. However, I was also very relieved and grateful that I managed to go into my year 3 and that I didn’t fail anything.

So yes, I was just full of emotions.

But at the end of the day, no matter what your results are, what matters is that you did your best. If you did well, congratulations. But if you didn’t, grieve. However, do remember that the race isn’t over yet.

Even for me, I still have year 3. One last final run. One more chance to get this right. So I might as well make full good use of it. It isn’t over yet.

My goal is still the same. I want to be a First Class Honors student.

However, I also accept that it may or may not happen. But no matter what happens, I want to be able to hold my head high and say that I did my best.

Because so far, this course has been amazing to me. I have been learning so much and I am so grateful for that. To me, the journey is what matters. So do your best and enjoy the ride. The results will be what it is but what matters is you can stand tall.

Carmen is studying the BSc Economics and Management at HELP College of Arts and Technology in Malaysia.

4 Responses to Exam results a.k.a. Judgement Day

  1. oscarmina45 says:

    “Exam results is judgement day to me because it’s the day that we get to find out what our hard work for a year translates to in grades.”

    Totally agree! Always work hard and aim high!

  2. Giovannakhoo says:

    Lol…. Absolutely I just can’t get off those feeling. Whenever I tried to search my result it always stated unavailable while for the meantime others student have been posting in fb on their joy!!! Eventually sad to the max!!!

  3. first class honours is when you get 70 or above right? I just got my first year examination results and my score was 65, 60, 57 and 55..
    Can somebody tell where do I stand?

  4. oscarmina45 says:

    Fail: 0-39
    Third Class Honours: 40-49
    Lower Second Class Honours: 50-59
    Upper Second Class Honours: 60-69
    First Class Honours: 70-100

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