Exam countdown: mocks in February

Close up of a hand holding a stopwatchTick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

That’s time passing by. As each second passes, it’s each second gone.

I am not sure about everyone else, but my classmates and I put up countdowns, counting down the days to our exams.

First, it was 100 days and now, it’s less than 80 days. The days pass by so quickly that it’s frightening. Sometimes, when I look at my countdown, I get a little panic stricken but then, when I remember that I have been studying, I reassure myself and the little panic goes away. However, I do wish I could study faster and harder. I do feel that pace is still a little slow and that I could move faster.

It also didn’t help that recently I had some mock exams to prepare us for the real exams.

I use this mock to judge how prepared I am for the real exams. I try to find out how much knowledge I have been able to retain and understand. I try to find out if I know how to convey what I learnt and understand in the exams. I also try to see how I just managed the whole exam in general.

Students in classroomI just finished my last paper today.

It turns out that I have time management problems. I need to learn how to handle it and I definitely need to do more practice with the past year’s exam papers.

It also seems that I am a very careless person. I accidentally misread and misinterpreted a question. That is definitely a silly mistake that can be fixed. I should read the questions carefully.

As for my knowledge gap, well, that also needs work. I still have about less than eighty days left. I can do this.

To anyone who is going to sit their exams in May, just know that you’re not alone.

Do your best and try to figure out your mistakes. Then, make sure you don’t let those mistakes happen in the real exam

Keep on working hard. We can do this. All the best!

Carmen is studying the BSc Economics and Management at a recognised centre in Malaysia.

2 Responses to Exam countdown: mocks in February

  1. That’s right Carmen; there is no need to panic. Your studying technique seems very practical. Just make the necessary fine tuning and you’ll do just fine.

  2. Oladimeji Abiodun Doyin says:

    Nice one I like it

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