Era Of The ‘Selfie’

toy_story_original_cineIt might seem a bit irrelevant on this blog, but I don’t think so!

The ‘selfie‘ fever across the world has definitely hit students and broadly education as well. In my institute, where I used to see people usually walking and talking, now I find them in groups taking selfies. Pictures, pictures, pictures everywhere. Whether it’s notes or a date sheet on the noticeboard, you will see students taking their picture and saving them inside their complex world of cellphone.

Not only students, teachers too! I have seen teachers taking ‘morning’ selfies, or selfies in their classrooms while they wait for their students, or selfies at tea breaks. So no matter who you are and what you do, the front cams on mobile handsets have become way too important today.

I see new marketing techniques being incorporated with the selfie trend and an increase in sales of cellphones with amazing front cams too. However, we tend to have forgotten the way we used to put up photo frames in our homes, on the walls, on the side tables, and the beautiful family photo in the lounge. Those colourful photo albums we all had. One for friends with all the fun time pictures, one for the family with everyone in it, and a baby album with all your baby pictures.

20141103_205417.jpgAs time is passing by, we are gradually leaving behind all those things that matter more in life. We do not enjoy the charm or the beauty of a moment, we are more eager to capture it. We do not want to ‘remember’. We want to ‘save’.

I hope some day we will realize the difference between the sweetness of remembering, the charm of a moment is actually feeling and experiencing it, and the joy of ‘times’ we spend with our loved ones.

Well with that, of course I take selfies too!

Sundus is studying for the BSc Sociology in Pakistan with support from Roots College International. The BSc Sociology is not available to new students from 2014, however you can still study for a Diploma for Graduates in Sociology.

One Response to Era Of The ‘Selfie’

  1. C.S Young says:

    Well said!!

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