Greetings from Chicago!

CelineMy name is Celine and I am independently studying for a BSc in Economics. I’d like to take this time to properly introduce myself and try to give you an inkling of who I am, where my love for economics stems from and why I am excited about this blog.

I vividly remember being wide-eyed, young and confused as to why there were people homeless, hungry and in such obvious need of help. I turned to my father as I always did when searching for answers and asked why the elusive ‘they’ didn’t adequately address this issue. Why didn’t the men seated in the most powerful positions on earth simply print more money for these deprived people? Couldn’t they see that there were portions of their populations suffering? Shouldn’t ensuring that all persons are properly fed, clothed, and sheltered be the most pressing issue for every nation?

Of course, I quickly learned and am still learning that the solution to this problem is by no means straightforward or simple. But I bring this up to illustrate where my interest in economics is rooted. The Oxford Dictionary defines economics as “The branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth”. I figured that my becoming educated about the very thing that is universally desired, the thing that for some is life-changing and for others life-saving, could be my tool of choice to actively push for the change that I want to see; to help sculpt a world where human happiness and the freedom to live a fulfilling life is maximized and not stunted by a lack of access to education, wealth, or healthcare.

Despite this passionate basis for my study, I unabashedly admit that it is sometimes hard to fight through the dull moments and looming procrastination. I absolutely love the flexibility and control that distance learning grants me. The downsides, however, are definitely the lack of peer-to-peer interaction and the massive amounts of self-discipline needed to power through this course alone. It is my hope that this blog can help me stay more connected to my global UoL peers and also serve as a place of inspiration and fuel to get me through the inevitable dry bits. Thusly, I look forward to the rest of my time here with you all and, until next time, happy studying!

Celine is studying for the BSc Economics in Chicago.

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