“Up, up and away!”

LLB student blogger Hammad

Meet our newest blogger – Hammad

Fear causes a man to do many a thing. Fear of failure, fear of people judging him (or her) wrongly, fear of hatred, fear of being classified incorrectly  – which serendipitously leads a man to do things that he couldn’t even fathom before. Sometimes, life throws such a curve ball (baseball) at you, or an in-swinging yorker (cricket), that you aspire for more and better, and maybe the best. You go for the full swing. It’s all or nothing. You want the best and nothing less. Such is my story and such is my calling…

My favourite author quite eloquently stated:

“If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.” -Charles Dickens

Since logic and religion; philosophy and theology; reason and inspiration; Aristotle and Abraham; all relate that there will always be bad in people, I seek to find what the law says about it. I believe that no one is inherently bad, not even Satan. It’s our actions which lead us to being good and being bad. So here lies the truth in my pursuit of LLB from the University of London International Programmes. Not to prove anyone wrong or right, but to make myself good for myself, actually the best. Let those who judge be the judges, all I know is that to be a judge you need to read the law. (Who says legal humour lacks taste?)

I have been asked to cover some topics as suggestions, so here they are:

My academic experience

It has been almost a decade since I haven’t seen a campus where I have completed the programme offered. Its a surreal experience and an oddly curious one too. I feel blessed for the opportunity that the Queen of England has given an unknown person to her and her country, the path to seek success. Many thanks to the crown.

My work

I myself belong to the teaching profession. Having a full-time job with other day to day tasks and errands does take a toll on study time, but not the drive to thrive.

Implementation of skills in my life

I feel that I will be able to relate the programme content to the classrooms that I teach in. My students will truly benefit from my analysis and the transferrable skills plus critical thinking skills that I shall learn and implement while reading law.

My favourite topic in law

I find constitutional law to be my great interest. I seek to find the common threads in the common law with the comparative study of it with other legal systems: both secular and faith-based.

Current Affairs

My country (Pakistan) is going through great turmoil on many fronts and so is our region. I seek to find solutions, or at least lay out the issues and problems, according to the constitution of our country and/or the rule of law.

VLE and Subject Guides

I find VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) of immense potential during my studies and an aid to it. Waiting for the materials to arrive by mail…


Some of us at LinkedIn UoLIP Group have created a study group on Google Groups. We seek to help each other and collaborate. A group as diverse as ours: I am from Pakistan… one from Italy… another one from Singapore… and someone else from Washington DC. I feel happy to be part of such a committed effort.

“Love what you do”~ Steven P. Jobs

Last but not least. I have signed up for studying at a Registered Centre of UoLIP, actually one of the esteemed ones here in Karachi, SZABIST. I was on the merit list and waiting for Orientation and the Study Materials from UoLIP in the mail.

It is going to be a journey of a life time. I can assure myself of that. But this one step I am planning to take to prove to myself, no matter what the odds that I deserve the best. I am a good person not a bad person. And like who Dickens profoundly stated “…a good lawyer” as well.

As for fear. Part of me wants to hide from all. Part of me wants to show myself to all. For now UoLIP’s LLB is a good pedestal to find my refuge in the clouds.

I wish all of you to fly and thrive in your life and against your own struggles. Very good blessings and luck be to all who attempt UoLIP for now and all times to come.

I do get the joke that good lawyers help bad people out. I have seen many a bad lawyer, practicing without good faith. I know that there are bad people out there, I seek to be the good lawyer (but the one that does good things).

Wish me luck!


Hammad is currently studying for an LLB at SZABIST Karachi Campus in Karachi, Sindh Pakistan. He is in his first year.

One Response to “Up, up and away!”

  1. Up, up and away is for me and all who aspire to find themselves in a situation which is over their head but want to make the best of it. Before Mr. Cavill it was Mr. Reeve. I take inspiration form even the smallest things. Let vanity be the trade of those who disdain’s truth and look down upon people.

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