Reading and studying on the go

Woman reading on the Tube

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Not all of us have the luxury of abundant free time and of a quiet corner where to study. And when some of the textbooks and essential reading come in the shape of thick and heavy hardcovers reading on the Tube or on the train is too much of a challenge, as I have discovered last year. Fortunately there is something that not only solves the problem of reading thick and heavy books on the go, but also gives you much more: Amazon’s Kindle.

The most popular e-book reader doesn’t just let you have your books in your pocket, but more importantly gives you easy highlighting, lets you make notes, search and bookmark – not to mention instant dictionary lookups and automatic synchnonisation between your Kindle and Kindle apps on other devices (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc) so that you have all your highlights and notes available where you need them. In my case I was fortunate enough that all of my essential reading titles were available as e-books; many popular textbooks and introductions are already available for Kindle.

So, if like me, you are faced with too much to read, having to commute and too little time, see if you can use the Kindle to help – I find the ability to highlight and make notes indispensable for study – Kindle makes it easy to save, share and search my notes and highlights, as well as managing citations. Additionally, you can also share your notes and excerpts from the books you read on Kindle’s web site, Facebook and Twitter if you are so inclined. And in case you are interested, I passed the exam I was studying for with a good grade – not least thanks to Kindle!

Edgar is studying for Bachelor of Divinity through the University of London International Programmes, with academic direction by Heythrop College, University of London.

3 Responses to Reading and studying on the go

  1. P. Jack says:

    This is surely an exciting post to read. Congratulations and wonderful blessings on your exam success. Yes, I find Kindle very useful. Take care now, Edgar.

  2. Noludwe says:

    This is a good idea. Hope it helps me too. Will try it . Thanks

  3. Asli says:

    I do the same and benefit big time! If you spend 2 hours per day on road a kindle or tablet is a better investment than a car!

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