Self-Introduction – Bernard Seah

Bernard Seah - Photo (2 inch) 20110811Hi everyone,

I’m a new student at the University of London studying the MA Education at the Institute of Education. Currently, I’m a Business Management teacher at an IB World School in Beijing, China since 2011.

Prior to my teaching career, I was in the ICT industry. Dealing with parents and students is very different from dealing with clients. Presenting to and teaching students is very different from presenting to clients. So, that’s one of the reasons why I signed up for the MA Education course.

A colleague from my school introduced me to this MA Education course. Being an ICT and business professional, I would examine and evaluate before making a purchase/investment. What I loved about this course is its flexibility in terms of timing and that I can do it entirely online! Another attractive option that seals the deal is the number of optional modules. After browsing through them, I configured my very own course according to my needs! I think that’s a very cool thing that the Institute of Education (IOE) has come up with. From a business perspective, IOE has product flexibility and has managed to implement mass customization with their flexible schedules.

It’s a privilege to network with all of you in this forum.



Bernard is studying the MA Education by distance learning in Beijing, China.

2 Responses to Self-Introduction – Bernard Seah

  1. markpummell says:

    welcome Bernard; perhaps if you are in Shanghai sometime we can have a coffee together and compare notes!!!

  2. bernardseah says:

    Thanks Mark! Yeah … we can catch up over coffee. How does first week of October sounds to you? Cheers! ;p

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