Braving a tempest

Budhaditya sitting on the steps at his exam centre

Ready for an exam

The time since I last posted my blog, it has been quite a hurricane for me. And I think I have survived. To say simply, the time has not been the rosiest. Managing the increasing burden of the examinations and the mounting backlog of my music lessons simultaneously has been one of the trickiest legs among all the examinations that I have taken. Admittedly, I have not been out of my home for most of the time – this has been the most vexing parts. It is indeed no child’s play to self-motivate and keep the pace ticking to gobble up the endless miles of the syllabus. Much has been said, opined and written about the much anticipated exams. So I won’t further add to the discussion, though I don’t think I would be able to resist.

There goes a saying, ‘Time and tide waits for none’. While I had focussed on my exams and music (relatively limitedly) the world had not been still. A lot has happened. India has undergone one of the most significant changes in its governance, Narendra Modi (our new PM) taking not only the national but the global media by storm. Not only India, democracy has triumphed in nations such Afghanistan, South Africa and Iraq. The case of Afghanistan has been awe-inspiring proving that all humans have hope for something better. To add, South Africa has re-elected their leader – President Zuma. Seen from the bird’s eye view, a silver lining can definitely be seen peeping from the black, sombre clouds. Witnessing the rise of a man from the echelons of a naïve tea-seller to that of the leader of the largest democracy, to the dew-fresh hopes in Afghanistan for sunny days ahead, it has really ignited my zeal.

Indian Council for Cultural Relations

My exam centre – the Indian Council for Cultural Relations

The exam- hurricane has lashed the mental faculty and receded. After the 27th of May, I have experienced an unusual feeling of decelerating, my body winding up like that of the A380’s rotors after landing. Inertia of rest, this is what it is called in scientific semantics. Quite going against the laws of nature, I need to re-launch myself for I am set to take my Stage II Chartered accountancy examinations only after five months. Contrasting to these months, I feel jovial thinking of the onset of monsoon showers rejuvenating the frenzied nature in nectar. Seriously, this would provide much relief aiding everybody in their daily grind. Albeit blessedly not in the league of the underprivileged (not having the comforts of an air-conditioner in 40°C plus temperatures), still it has been an uphill task to deliver the best in the examinations. Not quite abiding by my claim of not writing about my exams, the exam centre has been one of the most tranquil and the comforting among the ones I have appeared. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations building in Calcutta had been our exam centre. Despite not been built primarily for writing exams, the chilled lecture rooms served the purpose. Never have I in my life written examinations with only two other candidate (some days even one). Definitely, it was a weird feeling. With a mixed bag, I am thankful to the Lord that it was not that great a disaster that I had thought to be. Well if asked, I would be unable to roll out results (even in probability) but on the whole the learning experience has been the most fascinating to echo Carmen’s thoughts. I feel the same for all my study mates and my uncle who has also taken the UOL LLB exams walking a tight rope between his board meetings and studies.

Budhaditya's study materials

In study mode

I am unsure whether I sound like a news broadcaster reading out the prompter (hopefully not), I would share my heart out to the world. Now that I have faced my first year with the University of London, the road ahead seems much smoother. This last quarter has seen a visible upward rise in my personal learning curve. Perhaps I am getting too ‘graphically’ oriented- all thanks to EC1002 (Introduction to Economics), a hard nut to crack. Dealing with EC1002  has been like peeling an onion- uncountable number of layers getting unravelled when ultimately one is left with nothing (only the onion in peels). Layers after layers of understanding, a great depth in the material, ‘command over the material’ to quote Prof. Witztum is what one needs to cross the rope. I only hope to cross that rope. No matter I pass or fail, I would be re-reading EC1002 all over without the baggage of the exams. Principles of Accounting and Principles of Banking and Finance have leveled my expectations, if not crossed. Interestingly, I have been able to spot my favourite module which has been IR1011 (Introduction to International Relations). Constantly supplied with live information regarding the much drifting scenario in global affairs by the BBC world news app, IR has turned to be one of the most intriguing subjects I have ever read. The rising military hold of China, the whimsical attitude of North Korea, the flickering light of the US, Russia’s undercurrent clash with Ukraine- it has all blown my mind with absorbing thought.

Inspite of the monotony that has prevailed, it has not that been black and white. Taking to twitter has been an interesting and appealing experience. Do follow me @Budhaditya95.  Talking about the examinations, it would be unjust not to express gratitude towards my parents who have accompanied me to the exam centre leveraging much support though my father has been quite touring overseas. Having completed with my exams, it is time to travel the course ahead  with more prioritised focus and panache instead of looking back. I would be back to you again on this blog after my pilgrimage to the coastal town of Puri in the eastern state of Odisha.

  “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.”

                                                  –     Swami Vivekananda



Budhaditya is studying the BSc Accounting and Finance by distance learning in Burdwan, India. He is in his first year.

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