The talk that improved my motivation.

ExamStress-300x300In a few more weeks, the final exam is coming. The mere thought of that really scares me. My stress level has reached a really high point where it simply overwhelms me

It’s been so bad that it gets to a point where I hyperventilate and my head gets light headed. I know I should have better stress management but I have been trying to remind myself to breathe.

Telling myself to breathe has been my saying for the past few days and doing this has helped me tremendously. If you ever have the same problem as me, which is hyperventilating or that your stress level is going through the roof, well, remember to breathe. It will really help.

Anyhow, Rosemary Gosling came to my college, HELP CAT,  to give a talk. She’s an examiner and a former director of University of London International Programmes. Her talk was on how to handle the exams and to help us with our motivation. Honestly, I enjoyed her talk because she was warm and reassuring. She also kept her talk interesting and humorous. Most of all, I am glad that she came because I really needed that talk.

In the talk, she told us that the exams wasn’t something impossible and that we could do this. The reason why we could do it is because we have worked hard for a year and so, we already have the knowledge. The exams is just there so that we can persuade the examiners that we know the knowledge and that we have learnt what we needed to learn.  It is just a way of knowing what we have learnt. The examiner isn’t out to fail us. And even if we failed, it’s alright because the world has not ended. Therefore, everything will be alright.

It was good to be reminded that the University of London was not the enemy and that the exams aren’t a dragon to be slayed. Instead, the University is our friend and it’s trying to help us achieve what ever it is we want to achieve by giving us an education.

The talk has really improved my motivation and lowered my stress levels. I know now that the exams are possible and that everything will be alright. This exam is not a matter of life and death.

But as the days pass by, the exams are getting closer and we can only do our best. Let’s just do our best and see what happens. And with Rosemary Gosling’s words, I say you can do it. We can all do it.

All the best to everyone~~!

May the odds be ever in our favor~!

Carmen is studying the BSc Economics and Management in Malaysia.

One Response to The talk that improved my motivation.

  1. Kieran says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write this Carmen. It really helps us all who are struggling and worrying at this time. WE CAN DO IT!

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