Revision Week at Roots Ivy International College Islamabad, Pakistan

Revision session participants

Revision session participants

It is only when one month is left for the final exams to begin, we all gear up our revisions. A Revision Week had been organised for the  University of London undergraduate students of DHA Islamabad and Faisalabad campus of the Roots Ivy International College from 23rd March to 31st March.

After many years, this revision program was organised with a foreign lecturer to provide students with guidance from a highly qualified teacher who is known in his field around the globe.

Mr Veeramani Ramasami from Singapore, presently known as an Accounting and Finance guru, provided students expert advice on studying accounting and finance and its related subjects. The students who are in their first years usually need more advice then the students of the proceeding years. This is because they have almost no experience of the system, the ways of studying, and how to manage their exam revision. Therefore, institutions offering the UOL International Programmes courses have to struggle with them. My classmates’ and friends’ experiences with Mr Veeramani will surely help them in the future.

Revision classesAt Roots Ivy, this effort will help many students overcome their fears, hesitation, and ambiguities in their subjects. Every teacher  made a tremendous effort in utilizing this short span of time to discuss with students each and every topic, particularly from the examination point of view. Sociology, Business and Management, Mathematics, Statistics, Human Geography, International Development, International Relations, And Modern Political Thought are taught by teachers present on campus. This experience will play an important role in equipping students with the best techniques of attempting exams, as well as enhancing their knowledge even more. My personal experiences in subjects like Sociology, Human Geography, Statistics and Business and Management have proved to be very fruitful. I got quite a lot of assistance in picking up my weak points and working upon them. I found it very satisfying to get my concepts strengthened even more. I got a chance to practice more for Statistics, and to gather more insights on Business and Management.

The CEO of Roots Ivy,  Mrs Khadija Mushtaq encouraged all the students of UOL at her campus to connect with each other through this joint study program. She organised this Revision Week to make sure each and every student is provided with the best possible training in order to prepare for the examinations.

Nevertheless, this Revision Week might only be a beginning. In future, this could be the best way to provide students the final touches for their exam revision. I hope all that I learned throughout this time helps me in my examinations and provides me with a better grip on my subjects.

Wishing all students at the UOL, wherever they may be, best of luck!

Sundus is studying for the BSc Sociology in Pakistan with support from Roots College International. The BSc Sociology is not available to new students from 2014, however you can still study for a Diploma for Graduates in Sociology.

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