10 Study Tips: small steps, big feat

In this blog, I share with you a few study and examination guidelines that I have penned during ‘motivating moments’! Happy reading 😉

1) Breathing before a study session prevents sighing post it…

So let’s take a deep breath and plunge!

Breath - the universe is taking care of everything else

2) Get enough sleep. It awakens you…

Helps one tackle the stress too. PS, I’m working on this!

Cartoon about insomnia


3) Taking notes helps taking note…

Writing helps us discover and appreciate the sub-theories we take for granted.You see, a pen is mightier than MS word


4) Expressing impressions makes for impressive expressions…

A step ahead of taking notes, discussing concepts and answers with friends or family.. Or our dogs (!) helps us master the art of articulating ideas.Image of people dancing - express yourself


5) While answering a question, question the answer….

An examination answer shouldn’t look lopsided; opinions should be critically analyzed – Of course, the scope for the same varies from subject to subject.


6) Deduce, don’t reduce.

For numerical answers in particular, as we connect dots and derive equations, we must make sure we list all the steps that led us to it – We shouldn’t compress or reduce the workings..Ying and Yang sign with intuition and formalism


7) Don’t count time… Count on time

Rather than putting it like this: “6 weeks to go for examinations”, try this “We have 6 weeks at hand; let’s make the best use of it.”Hour glass


8) Stir without noise..

Noise refers to the irrelevant information which we have to filter out during the course of our study, while we stir and completely absorb the rest.Cup of tea


9) Fulfill duties, not prophecies..

Nervousness is often a self-fulfilling prophecy because it makes one go wrong. Instead, the focus should be on fulfilling our duties towards ourselves, if not towards those who believe in us.Henry Ford quote: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right."


10) Study tips don’t have to work on you; you have to work on them..

This isn’t a disclaimer for the above, but it is what ought to be done!


Of course, these are reflections of an ‘ideal me’, which I aspire to be. But getting as close as possible to one’s ideal self does the trick for the most part. Good luck with being or finding yourselves!

Hema is studying the BSc Banking and Finance with the University of London International Programmes in India.

10 Responses to 10 Study Tips: small steps, big feat

  1. AT says:

    Thanks, Hema. This definitely helps. Apt timing too.

  2. Shweta says:

    Rightly said, No 2!!

  3. Juliana says:

    I love your points! Especially No. 9 and 10! and 7 and 8… 😀 Thanks for posting!

  4. thakurhema says:

    Thank y’all! Best wishes & Cheers 😉

  5. carmensakura says:

    Well said. Thank you so much~!

  6. nothando says:

    good advice i am definitely going to adopt

  7. nothando says:

    i am also studying Bsc Banking and financeand am looking for a study partner or group

  8. thakurhema says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  9. Gizelle. says:

    great job Hema. I needed every word of this. Good luck in your studies.

  10. thakurhema says:

    Thanks! Good luck to all 🙂

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