Politics: Yay or Nay?

I can’t believe that it’s nearing the end of 2018. 2 years ago, I was at the end of my A Levels, trying to decide what to do next.young-791849_1280

I knew I wanted to do something that stretched my brain and allowed me to develop my analytical skills. In the end, it was between a math degree and a politics one. I chose politics and I haven’t regretted it since.

I’ll admit that every year, as that dreaded exam time comes closer and I see the stack of notes that I have to get through, I do wonder why I didn’t take at least one math course. Saying that, I have yet to sit down and have a serious urge to change degrees and do something else with my life. As I enter the third year of my degree, none of this has changed (yet) and here’s why. Continue reading

Film industry: A profitable industry or another political institution?

 Film camera“Do I have to be cruel to be kind?” Shakespeare had once written in Hamlet. Now, time has passed and things have changed. People are entertained by almost the same things as in the past. Theatre gave way to the movie industry and cinemas are now one of the most common ways to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern times. What is more fun than watching people like you, living a completely different life than yours and maybe having achieved what you want while you still haven’t? Have we ever thought of what is happening in the shadows? Let’s try to investigate some of the key economic and political goals of movies.

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Comedians, Politicians, and Jonathan Swift

This week I am remembering the comedian Phyllis Diller, and reading Jonathan Swift’s political satire. Ms. Diller, a diversely talented entertainer and comic satirist, was in the news this week; reading Swift was an ironic coincidence, considering that in America the rhetoric surrounding the November 2012 presidential election is heating up. The current climate of rhetoric and journalism in America makes me feel like Gulliver swimming to Lilliput, only my sea is an ocean of irony rather than water. The rhetoric is so pervasive that I began to believe  satire might be the easiest thing to write.  It seems like the various contenders do it for you. Some days it seems like all an author needs to do is change the dates and the names, and viola, the satire is written a la Jonathan Swift.

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