How to take good notes!

super-g“Law school is no joke.” That’s what a friend of mine said when we last talked about my study program. He wasn’t lying. He’s a professional athlete, a downhill skier. He inspired me to think of note-taking like one of his epic runs to the finish line on a Super-G (super giant slalom) course – a combination of precision, technical expertise, and speed.

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‘Use every spare half hour wisely!’

Happy New YearHappy New Year friends across the World!

Hope 2017 has been a great year thus far with many more happy days to come!

That time of the year has come and if you are like me, then you are already beginning to stress yourself. Exams are just around the corner, so this is our time to pick our lazy butts off the couch and begin to do some serious work.

By now we should have at least had a first reading of all the modules we would be taking in May. If not, don’t worry, you still have a number of days to do so in January. I believe by February, we should be doing a second reading of the materials and linking it to past papers, if you haven’t already begun doing so. That is, read the past papers and the study materials together with an aim to answering the questions. In other words, let everything begin to come together and make sense.

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Choosing an LLM

Law3The availability and affordability of pursuing an LLM are two enticing reasons to further your education when the opportunity arises. However, pursuing an LLM on the basis of furthering your education alone will bring no immediate and possibly no long term joy to you.

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Study tips and exam preparation!

Philip Koonj BeharryMy fellow study mates!

Exams are soon upon us and so I have decided to take a break and tell you about my study pattern which worked for me during my LLB and seems to be working for me now as I read for my LLM. Hopefully it can assist you as well, especially those new to the University of London International Programmes (UoLIP).

By way of introduction, I am Philip Koonj Beharry, graduate of the UoLIP LLB programme, Class of 2012. I am currently an Attorney at Law in my home country of Trinidad and Tobago and I am also currently preparing for my first set of LLM exams with the UoLIP. My personal story can be found in this article on London Connection.

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Jelly Bean and I officially enrolled in the PG Laws degree!

Jelly Bean the Highly Motivated Collie Dog

Jelly Bean the Highly Motivated Collie Dog

Well, we’ve done it. Jelly Bean and I have officially enrolled in the Postgraduate Laws Programme. Our registration is complete, our module is selected, and we have just passed a rainy evening downloading study guides and examiners’ reports. Although I did my best ETNJ planning, I have had a case of the butterflies since making the commitment to enrol in this exciting programme. Jelly Bean is a great listener, a comforting little friend for stressful days, and as you can see, she is highly motivated to get the reward coming after our training session. She is just the kind of study buddy you want to have around.

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My Degree, And Things I Always Wanted To Do

What next?It has been a nice, long autumn here in Pittsburgh with ever so much to share with you.  Jelly Bean and I are so happy to be blogging about our experiences. Just a few days ago my credentials arrived in the mail from the University of London International Programmes. For me, it signaled time to think carefully about what happens after completing a degree, and what my next steps will be. I suppose it depends on your goals, which might include professional objectives or personal fulfillment. For me it is both. Getting the paperwork acknowledging your success is quite satisfying, but it also underlines the question about how to proceed after finishing the degree. Should I concentrate on postgraduate credentials or concentrate on professional or personal opportunities? For me, it is a combination of all those things. To paraphrase Rodgers and Hammerstein, the beginning is a very good place to start.

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Alumni Inspiration – LLB

LLB Alumni: Mary Catherine Murray speaks about her experiences of studying through the University of London External System and offers tips to those considering to pursue a law degree through distance learning.

To find out more about our undergraduate and masters courses in Law related subjects, visit the Laws general information page on our website.

(approx 3 minutes)