It’s time for exam prep!

Ok so, the first month in the new year is over… We are now in February.make a plan

I’m not entirely sure whether that’s a good thing. I’m sure that it’s something you can all relate to… as it gets closer to May.

So, with that in mind I thought I’d share a few things that I am trying to do over the next few months. Hopefully, it’ll help you too! Continue reading

Parenting while on examinations

Oh, the joys of parenting. If you are new parents, I bet you are all fed up of Anna's little onehearing the just-you-waits: “Just you wait till you have to wake up every night for a year”; “Just you wait until pumpkin puree is all splattered on your living room wall”. And so on. While everyone is very keen on warning you about all the things you will be missing out on, no one really tells you how the sweet side is. The cuddly nights. The first smile. The glorious moment when you go to pick them up at daycare and they come running at you with the biggest of smiles on their faces, so glad to see you and so ready for kisses and hugs.

But then examinations come. And, unavoidably, we tend to forget about those sweet, sweet times because we are stressed out and that screeching little monster is just a hindrance to our much-needed quiet time. Continue reading

UoL Examinations – A freshman’s ‘fresh’ experience

Woman writing exams

I think this is probably a pretty accurate image of how I looked in the exam room!

May 2014 was a tough yet valuable learning experience with my first examinations as a University of London International Programmes student. A first experience is like a new driver on a new road; you learn through your mistakes. In any case, you explore your capabilities, test yourself, and polish your learning patterns.

As for me specifically, it was ahead of calling it just tough. I had a very intimidating exam timetable and it definitely had a role to play in my overall experience as well as my exams. I had a total of five exams, with two exams each day, and only one that was ‘single’. The four exams as a ‘couple’ each were quite tough and made it very difficult for me to manage them, especially with having only four to five days in between. It caused me a lot of anxiety and due to sitting for such prolonged periods of time during them, I got severe backache and swelling of the legs. For future though, I know I will be able to manage such a situation more efficiently as I have learnt many things from this new experience.

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