Well, it’s that time of the year again. It’s less than two months to our exams. I’m sure quite a few people are nervous and (3)

Honestly, so am I. This is my final year if all goes well. However, I do feel rather nervous. I feel as if I am not focused enough, not working hard enough and not absorbing the knowledge as well as I did last year. I’m comparing this year to last year and I find that my performance is rather lacking.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Year of the MonkeyIt’s that time of the year again. It’s the Chinese New Year. I know not everyone celebrates this but to everyone who does, Happy Chinese New Year!

I found this year to be rather festive. My classmates are getting haircuts and buying new clothes. Even I got some new clothes. Hence, I am feeling rather festive.

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What the future may bring

Silhoutte of sign postsRecently, I attended a conference and it was called Asia Leadership Conference. I went with an open mind, not quite sure what to expect or to learn. The Asia Leadership Conference had multiple talks and even a forum. There were so many talks that it was impossible to attend them all. Hence, each delegate had to pick four talks only and attend them. I found each talk to be quite interesting. But due to a lack of time for each talk, I did not get as much detail as I would like from each talk.

I found it to be very motivating though. Honestly, I will admit that I have been quite afraid. I am in my third year of my undergraduate studies and if all goes well, it will end this year. Hence, I have to think ahead now.

What do I want to do in my future?

Do I want to consider postgraduate studies?

Or do I want to enter the job market?

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Economics Talk


New Malaysian currency

Recently, I attended an economic talk by Elsa Lafaye de Micheaux (University of Rennes 2) regarding a research paper which was about the trade relationship between Malaysia and China.

It was an interesting talk. I learnt a lot more about my own country’s economy and what it exports.

I was surprised to learn that my country’s major export is machinery and transport.

Attending this talk made me think about my own future somewhat. The speaker is an economist who did this research.

I thought to myself, this is something I could do, if I wanted to.

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First Mock Exam

Student writing in classRecently, my college just had our first mock exam. I do agree that it’s early for exams. We aren’t even close to finishing the syllabus yet and most of us aren’t warmed up to the subjects yet. Although, I know this is the third month and we should probably be rather more warmed up to the subjects than we are.

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One month in

University of London study guidesEvery time the academic school year starts, I feel like time moves so fast.

It wasn’t so long ago that our classes just begun. And now, a month has already passed.

My subject guides have already arrived. This means that it’s time to really buckle down and study harder.

However, I must admit that the first month is hardest. I still feel lazy. Even now, I still feel a little lazy. Good thing is, right now, I’m still on track. Everything is alright so far. But I must admit that it was a little hard to start reading and studying. My brain is still a little rusty. It’s like an engine that was left alone for sometime, so to start it, it takes some time.

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Pearls of wisdom for the new school year

Back to school image with blackboard and appleThe new academic year has begun and now, I am a third year student. There’s pride and melancholy that comes with that fact. Pride because you have made it so far and you are proud of yourself for that. But melancholy because this is the final year. This will all be over soon.

Honestly, I do enjoy my time being an undergraduate student. I have great classmates whom I completely respect and had loads of fun with. The subjects that I have taken so far have been challenging and have helped me to grow a lot. Thus, I truly enjoyed every single good and bad experience so far.

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Exam results a.k.a. Judgement Day

carmen3My exam results were just released.

Oh boy, I have to admit that I was a nervous mess. The moment I woke up, I was very aware that it was my result day. It also didn’t help that I had a countdown on my phone stating that it was result day.

Even in the office, I had to keep reminding myself to keep breathing and to keep calm. I was both excited and nervous. I wanted to know but at the same time, I wasn’t sure I could handle it if the results weren’t good. Exam results is judgement day to me because it’s the day that we get to find out what our hard work for a year translates to in grades.

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Internship so far.

Intern spelled with Scrabble lettersOne month has passed. My internship so far has been a really interesting learning experience. I am interning in a small accounting firm and I am in the audit department. I know accounting, however, I realize that I know nothing about auditing. I find auditing much more tedious than I thought I would. Honestly, I must admit that I found it hard because personally, I am not a very detailed sort of person. It doesn’t help that my senior expects me know certain stuff in the beginning. It was definitely hard because I knew nothing about auditing.

Not only that, I also missed the fact that my time was no longer my own. Since I am now interning, my time for a number of hours, belongs to the firm. I could no longer nap if I felt tired or read if I wanted to. I had to do the work that was assigned to me. I have worked before, but for some reason, interning hits me hard on this.

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How about an internship?

Sign pointing to new skills and trainingWhen my exams ended, I told myself that this would be one of the best summers ever.

That is why, before the exams started, my classmates and I were considering what we should do during our summer. One of the ideas that came up is an internship.

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