What the future may bring

Silhoutte of sign postsRecently, I attended a conference and it was called Asia Leadership Conference. I went with an open mind, not quite sure what to expect or to learn. The Asia Leadership Conference had multiple talks and even a forum. There were so many talks that it was impossible to attend them all. Hence, each delegate had to pick four talks only and attend them. I found each talk to be quite interesting. But due to a lack of time for each talk, I did not get as much detail as I would like from each talk.

I found it to be very motivating though. Honestly, I will admit that I have been quite afraid. I am in my third year of my undergraduate studies and if all goes well, it will end this year. Hence, I have to think ahead now.

What do I want to do in my future?

Do I want to consider postgraduate studies?

Or do I want to enter the job market?

For a while now, this plagued me. It didn’t help when my classmates seemed to have things more planned out. Some of them want to further their studies by undergoing postgraduate studies, while others want to get professional qualifications such as CFA or ACCA.

I was also worried because I was not sure what my degree could do. Accounting and Finance students could go into accounting firms or banks or the finance industry.

But where do Economics and Management students fit into job market?

Don’t get me wrong. I love what I have studied so far and I really love my course. It has been challenging and full of mind-widening experiences. However, I wondered if employers would know how to make use of my knowledge in their organisation.

But after that conference, it reminded me that we forge our own future. I can choose to be afraid and full of worry.

Or I can choose to see that the possibilities are endless.

So now, I have decided to look at things more positively.

The conference showed me that having an economic background is a good thing and it’s the gateway to so many different professions and jobs.

I was so worried that maybe having an economic background was too general but now, I realise that it’s the platform to so many things. This only makes me feel absolutely glad that I chose my undergraduate studies because of my passion, rather than anything else.

It only goes to show, no matter how afraid and uncertain you are, if you make decisions based on what you are passionate about, you can’t really go wrong.

Carmen is studying the BSc Economics and Management at HELP College of Arts and Technology in Malaysia.


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