Making a good start with Mathematics and Statistics

Hello readers.LSE Study guides

Today’s conversation marks roughly one year since I started collaborating with the Official Student Blog. To celebrate the event, I titled this post after my very first one, the subjects involved being obviously different.

I’m sure many newly-enrolled students in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences (EMFSS) programmes will have to take a combination of Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Statistics 1, and/or Statistics 2. With this in mind, why not share with you some general information about those units? Even prospective students might find it useful.

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End of a journey.

Carmen quote about graduatingSo my results for my third year are out. As usual, they aren’t to my expectations. Actually, they were never to my expectations. This only goes to show that University of London is very unpredictable. Either that, or my expectations for my own results just generally suck. Haha. Anyhow, good thing is I passed every single subject.

This means that I graduated from University of London International Programmes with a Second Class Uppers.

The fact that I graduated means a lot of me. It means that I have finished a hard race. Reached the finish line. It means that I survived and thrived in this course. Yes, I did it. I actually did it. We did it. We graduated! Our hard work paid off. A job well done!

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Tools of trade for independent learners

A student's tools of tradeIf you are an active learner, or even more – an independent learner, you should consider using the best tools you have at your disposal to make the study process effective and efficient. Identifying “the best” and most useful and suitable tools and techniques of active learning  will help to improve productivity dramatically, making the study process more enjoyable, and the learnt material more usable.

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Finals have ended.

Keep calm. Breathe and focus.My last papers have come and gone.

For now, I have finished.

I am certain that there are some people that haven’t finished yet.

To those people I say, hang in there. It’s almost over. Just make sure to do your best.

Keep calm. Breathe and focus.

Here are some tips for how I handle myself in the last few hours before the exam.

For the day before the exam, I read lightly and just do my best to go through some past years’ questions quickly. I don’t like to stress myself out before the exams so I read lightly. Mostly, I focus on trying to calm myself because I tend to get stressed rather easily. This works for me. But if you feel like you can and want to read more or practice more, go ahead. My tips are just how I handled it and I just want to share it out to see if other people might find them useful.

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Final month tips

Well, there is less than a month to our exams. hourglass-silhouetteI just received my admission notice recently. I am sure everyone is filled with jitters. Personally, I am filled with jitters. Especially so when I realise that with each passing day, my exams are one day closer. It’s quite scary to know that your exams are so close and you still feel rather unprepared.

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Well, it’s that time of the year again. It’s less than two months to our exams. I’m sure quite a few people are nervous and (3)

Honestly, so am I. This is my final year if all goes well. However, I do feel rather nervous. I feel as if I am not focused enough, not working hard enough and not absorbing the knowledge as well as I did last year. I’m comparing this year to last year and I find that my performance is rather lacking.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Year of the MonkeyIt’s that time of the year again. It’s the Chinese New Year. I know not everyone celebrates this but to everyone who does, Happy Chinese New Year!

I found this year to be rather festive. My classmates are getting haircuts and buying new clothes. Even I got some new clothes. Hence, I am feeling rather festive.

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What the future may bring

Silhoutte of sign postsRecently, I attended a conference and it was called Asia Leadership Conference. I went with an open mind, not quite sure what to expect or to learn. The Asia Leadership Conference had multiple talks and even a forum. There were so many talks that it was impossible to attend them all. Hence, each delegate had to pick four talks only and attend them. I found each talk to be quite interesting. But due to a lack of time for each talk, I did not get as much detail as I would like from each talk.

I found it to be very motivating though. Honestly, I will admit that I have been quite afraid. I am in my third year of my undergraduate studies and if all goes well, it will end this year. Hence, I have to think ahead now.

What do I want to do in my future?

Do I want to consider postgraduate studies?

Or do I want to enter the job market?

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Five great resources to help you understand economics

binocularsIt is not a secret that a challenging “Introduction to Economics” course by Amos Witztum might be a tough experience for aspiring economics students. This post addresses some of the strategies how to tackle the subject and provides concrete and practical advice on how to learn and, most importantly, understand the core material.

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Economics talk


New Malaysian currency

Recently, I attended an economic talk by Elsa Lafaye de Micheaux (University of Rennes 2) regarding a research paper which was about the trade relationship between Malaysia and China.

It was an interesting talk. I learnt a lot more about my own country’s economy and what it exports.

I was surprised to learn that my country’s major export is machinery and transport.

Attending this talk made me think about my own future somewhat. The speaker is an economist who did this research.

I thought to myself, this is something I could do, if I wanted to.

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