Regression, motivation and call of duty

I am writing this article to motivate other students to try their best and never give up. I am a person who started this degree at the University of London with not the highest knowledge of math and statistics. However, with my persistence, my hard work sI can do thattudying and my determination, I was able to reach a decent level of knowledge of those quantitative fields. This year, I have chosen to study development economics and in the first chapter it was indicated that I should revise some regression techniques. So, I tried to search in my old statistics textbook. At first I was terrified. I thought econometrics was a very difficult topic and I would not understand. However, I am a person that never gives up at anything. So, I closed my books and I hit the gym, I cleared my mind and I came back to study some more. I watched a lot of videos on youtube about regression and I finally got it. It took me some extra time, but I did get it. Finally!

At this point I will introduce you to my routine. Every week is divided by study days. Every day, I try to go to gym since I believe this helps me (check my previous blog article about how exercise affect cognitive ability). I leave Sunday totally free to relax both my body and mind from a loaded week. So, on a Sunday I was on my computer and I was playing the famous Call of Duty. I am usually  moderately good at it getting a rather decent score, but sometimes I can’t even hit a fly and as a result I score poorly. So, yesterday while I was playing I though if this happens to other players as well? And that was it. I decided to make an econometric model to see whether the level of a player affect the total points scored. So, I collected the data and I made a scatter diagram. I was going to make a regression line to see if indeed my initial though was right. I am going to use a simple regression, even if in reality the most appropriate method would be to use a multivariable regression. In this case I could use a dummy variable T to indicate whether a player cheats or not. T=1 if yes and T=0 if not. Anyway, for simplicity I considered that all players are decent and play fairly! So, I am now introducing you to the data collected.

Players Level Score
Player 1 70 3100
Player 2 70 2360
Player 3 33 1940
Player 4 70 1480
Player 5 70 1420
Player 6 76 1040
Player 7 5 1200
Player 8 70 660
Player 9 44 500
Player 10 6 320

So, this is the data collected from my last game the other night. So, now I will make a scatter diagram to see any initial correlation between variables.


So, it was not as straightforward as I thought it would be. This is good news for me as a player, others score as poorly as I do sometimes! However, as a student who wants to find a correlation between score and level, it is not such great news. Let’s progress by trying to find the regression line! First of all, let’s make another table with level and score so we can find the mean of each variable.

Level Score
70 3100
70 2360
33 1940
70 1480
70 1420
76 1040
5 1200
70 660
44 500
6 320
Υ`= 51,4 Χ` = 1402

The next table I made is rather messy since I did the calculations by hand, so I will not ubload it here. However, I found a regression line approximately which does says that there is a rather poor colleration between level and score. So, yeah, good news for me. I am not as bad of a player as I thought I was! ;)

To conclude, this is not an econometric article and hence I have not introduced the numbers and the formulas but rather small tables to show you how things work. This is an article to all those out there who have once heard the phrase “You can’t do it”. Well, I say YES, YOU CAN. If I am able to learn Econometrics, so do you. All it takes, is willigness to learn!

P.S The results are extracted from calculations made by hand and, hence, small errors might have occurred and this is why I have purposely avoided introducing the messy tables I had calculated. If someone, however, is interested and wishes to contact with me to share the data with him/her, feel free to comment below!

Eleni is studying the BSc Economics and Politics by distance learning in Greece.

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