Have I lost my mind?

First off, thank you for stopping by my first blog. I am an 80’s baby born and raised in Canada at a time when girls proudly wore high-waist jeans with a WalkmanMiki clipped to our hip and frizzy bangs. A time when hip hop and rock music were awesome. A time when “twerking” was the twitch and jerk motion of spawning fish swimming upstream. I was an observant, introverted child with a vivid imagination who seldom missed the opportunity to state my opinion when an injustice occurred; from bullies picking on the underdog to negotiating my way out of detention.

Discovering a passion for law

After high school I went straight to college. I enrolled in the hotel management program with a friend. I had no passion for hotels and absolutely no interest in managing a Marriott one day. Before my second year commenced, I dropped out and bought a one-way ticket to the USA with seventy-five dollars and a dream. It was in New York and Philadelphia that I started to explore my entrepreneurial abilities. I managed to save tips from various part time jobs and started a CD duplication business for independent musicians. My business partner was an underground rapper, reformed ex-convict, and my best friend at the time. He opened my eyes to the good, the bad and the ugly of life in the USA and exposed me to neighbourhoods that haunt me to this day. Poverty, drugs and crime are words that come to mind. I wanted to change the system, I protested, I attended seminars and held fund raisers but it all felt like emotional gestures without any strategic foundation for actual change. Life went on.

With MP3 music and social media creeping about; CD’s became a vintage collector’s items and our business died. I picked up more hours at the coffee shop where I met a patron who came in daily for soy chai lattes. He would ask me if I knew what corpus juris secundum or habeas corpus meant and would cite paragraphs from the Black’s Law Dictionary. He was a radio host and lecturer, his life was dedicated to veganism and educating people in his community by way of law. We spent hours in the law library researching various subjects and discussing our findings. I became obsessed with law and its function. For the first time I was intellectually stimulated and felt empowered by law. In 2005 I decided to become a lawyer.

Taking the leap

Shortly after my ‘Aha’ moment, I returned to Canada with my mind set on the University of Ottawa. Sadly, my father passed away, but shortly after I met my soul mate. rearview mirrorLong story short, I moved across Canada to be with him, putting law school on hold until I got settled in. The economy was booming, and I decided to try commercial real estate with no experience and no degree. I built my sales business from the ground up and decided to put law school on hold…AGAIN.

Several years later, I found myself caught in the vortex of chasing real estate deals and law school became a quick glimpse through my rear-view mirror while driving to the next meeting. Passion is persistent as the spirit of my desire to study law did not dissipate. For example, instead of mailing my closing documents to law firms I would deliver them in person to meet with lawyers. Sometimes I’d reveal my interest in leaving real estate for la w school. Most lawyers gave me the look; you know that squinty-eyed look after you’re abruptly awakened from a deep sleep after your mom turns on the bedroom light? One lawyer said the money is better in real estate and I’m crazy for going to law school. To their point, money was decent, my husband and I became investors and we’ve travelled much of the western world. Still, something was missing, and I felt like a failure for not going to law school.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”. Henry Ford

Failure became the most pivotal moment in my life. Tired of putting my passion on hold, I spent weeks researching alternative paths to a law degree for mature students knee-deep in their professional career. I found the University of London and was instantly sold on the distance delivery format, but I was unsure of the programmes’ credibility. I performed my due diligence by contacting local governing bodies and law schools to see what they thought. To my surprise, Canadian law schools offer programs for internationally trained lawyers. I even found a practising lawyer in Canada who graduated from the University of London. IT IS POSSIBLE!

My mission is to live my best life filled with intellectual and spiritual fulfilment. September 2018 marks my ten-year anniversary in commercial real estate and I am walking away to study and become a lawyer. Have I lost my mind? I don’t believe so, but only time will tell.

About me

Not too long ago, all social media at work was handled by an experienced marketing assistant who sat several doors down from my office. I am a licensed commercial broker, I acquire and dispose of apartment buildings and self-storage facilities for local and multinational investors. Now, I find myself barely employed, but fascinated with Lord Denning’s rebellious ways and obsessed with spreading the rule of law to corrupt governments across the globe. Finally, I am a law student.

My name is Tamecah, but you can call me Miki. I love traveling, camping and hearty vegan meals. I am a serial dreamer with a sky’s the limit approach to life. I look forward to sharing my journey with you and if you made it this far through my first blog, I’d say we’re off to a great start. Peace.

Miki is studying the LLB in Canada.

20 thoughts on “Have I lost my mind?

  1. Hi Mikki,

    I am 54 and astounded by your remarkable track record and passion for Law.
    Accountant Executive for many years and holder of a Master Degree in French Law (2006) I started studying for an LLB at the University of London (International Programme) last year.

    Like you I was constantly stuck to that dream as I contemplate a return to my Island (Mauritius) after many years in France where I wish to contribute to the improvement of the system.
    Now that my children are well-off one of them is registered in law this year, I feel I am getting each day nearer to my dream come true. Like you I am also fascinated by Lord Denning’s mind (‘Be you ever so high, the law is above you” – Gourriet 1977) and

    Reading your pathway full of passion and contemplation makes me feel so confident in the future.
    All the very best for your studies Mikki and may be some day we’ll meet before the Privy Council in London… Who knows !



  2. Miki,

    I feel like you and I are soul sisters. I too am from Canada, 80’s baby, with frizzy hair. I eventually ran to USA to follow a creative passion, only to be bumrushed with the reality that that dream is next to impossible. I crept through shady characters, and decided to turn to another field, education. While it has blessed me with many opportunities, including living overseas for the last three years, and although I seem to have a knack for it, education has not once convinced me that it is truly my path. I have looked at law at various intervals in my life, and I too have also gotten so excited when I found UofL’s distance pathway as being a possibility. Yes, I know I’m older now, but I also see it that I have another half of my life to work, and why not do something that I think would give me great joy, challenge me, and never feel like work. A recent pleasant result to a case I had for a personal issue, resulted in my search again. In the courtroom, while awaiting the judge, I turned to my duty council and asked, “It’s a hard job, eh?”, she replied, “it can be, but I love it!”. It spirited my journey to research and after calling the governing bodies, I realized it is actually possible. I only have to study in a classroom for 2 years after completion. I am so pumped, and I am just starting my journey. How can we keep in touch? Loved your story.


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  3. I love this Blog. If it is your first make sure it is not your last. Your honesty, passion and drive motivate me. You are inspiring! You are filled with raw talent that you are only tapping lightly… Your creativity is spread to all arts. Your photography, poetry, song(and singing) and dancing ..now writing is only a fragment of your talent and capability and yet they are already out of this world. Love everything that you do..and touch. Love you! Xoxox H.P.Vida!!!


  4. I am happy for you Tamecah! Much love and respect. I am in a similar place myself where I am ready to pursue my purpose, using the gifts and abilities God’s placed inside of me. You’re not crazy at all. There are some things we just can’t live with or regret and that’s leaving behind and barrying our heart’s desire and dreams.


  5. Meeks, you inspire me to be a better human. Simple as that. This blog is an eye opener. So glad you are able to follow your dreams, so proud of you!!


  6. Good for you Miki!
    I too embarked on a long and winding journey that ultimately took me right back to the law, which was a childhood dream I’d put off pursuing several times for reasons not unlike yours. I did other degrees, had a family and had a successful career in the field of diplomacy but the law kept calling to me.
    It just got to the point where I had to give in :).
    So I jumped in feet first, I started the LLB with the UOL in 2013 and today, five years later, I’m an Attorney. Keep at it! Never for one minute regret the path you’ve chosen or the road that brought you to this point. Everything happens in its own time, the right time.

    All the best!!


  7. Uhm this was really good read. Perhaps I find it so because it has no itch of ‘this is how to do it’ type of writting most of the writting here have been known for. Thank you for a ‘this my journey’ type of unique script we have less of here.

    I’ve just completed my degree and wish you all the best.

    PS: will you still be practicing real estate on the side? If yes I’ll like to discuss an I may need a hand on


  8. Miki, great blog. Go for your dreams! If you don’t one day you will look back with regret. Congratulations on starting your next chapter!!


  9. Thank you for sharing your captivating and without a doubt inspirational story. I too have been travelling on this road towards achieving my degree in law with UOL. I have been on this journey for a good number of years and i have to complete in 2019 October. There has been times I feel like giving up, but tonight you have inspired me to continue pushing I am hoping to join others who have completed one day to finally be on that side sharing my journey to help others know that with God all things are possible. Thank you. I am Encouraged.


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