Waiting for the results – dedicated to those who believe in me

We are slowly heading to the day results will be announced. Most of us have mixed feelings. I can personally feel a sense of relief but, also, I feel stressed. I try not to think negatively. I think it is crucial for all of us to enjoy our summer vacations, to refill our batteries and relax. Whatever has happened, it’s over now! Whenever I feel stressed and under the weather, I try to remember an old Chinese saying “Don’t worry about things that can change and things that cannot be changed!”

So, a piece of advice I can provide to you all is not to worry about what has happened, but focus on how you can improve. The only way for someone to improve is by looking forward. A bad result is not the end of the world, but can help do better in the future. It can be frustrating for everybody but a bad mark does not define who you are as a student. It can be seen as a bad day, a reflection of effort or a mix of a variety of other inputs.

This is the time I want to share with you all a very personal though of mine. Very recently, I’ve lost a very close person of mine. I loved this person with all my heart. ThisEleni's grandmother person was always there in the summer waiting with me for my results. She was there when I received bad results in my first year of study, she was still there when I received good marks in the next year.

Unfortunately, she will not be there for me this year or the next one. I want to believe, I hope, that regardless of the results, I would still  be able to dedicate my successes to her. I know she would be very proud for me. I also know that, regardless of the pending results, she would be still proud of me. This is true for all of you out there. Your family, your friends, everybody that truly loves you is already proud of you. We have all taken the courage to study. The process of study is not always painless. It is rather the opposite. The search for truth is not always easy. This journey in search of the truth is called education. We had the courage to start this journey and we all have the ability to finish it. We just need to be patient and stubborn. We are not quitters! This is why our loved ones feel proud of us. It is not the results that generate the pride, it is the purpose of why we do it, it is the decision of doing it.

So, my dear co-travellers in search for truth, do not be intimidated by the results, do not be cynical either. Just be aware of how much you have already achieved and be optimistic about how many more you could achieve if you try. Never quit. Be proud of yourself and dedicate your success to those who really love you, including to yourselves.

Eleni is studying the BSc Economics and Politics by distance learning in Greece.

3 thoughts on “Waiting for the results – dedicated to those who believe in me

  1. Hello Eleni,
    Thank you very much for having marvelously depicted such a true image (a ‘mirror image’ like would say Prof TREITEL in Contract Law) of our – I mean, most of us – present feeling in waiting the coming results.
    Your quote of the Chinese saying wraps it all… ”Don’t worry be happy”.
    Best Regards

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your welcome. I hope that when results will be announcing our hard work will be depicted to our marks


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