Dealing With Exam Stress: Why you need Nightline in your life [video interview included]

It’s examinations time; one of the most stressful times of the year for us students. It’s an ever-increasing reality that more and more students are facing mental health challenges, and we can all use someone with a listening ear.

Are you feeling like this right now?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, drained, having a rough day (or maybe the opposite – you have an accomplishment you want to celebrate) and there’s no one to talk to – Nightline is your answer.  As I mentioned in an earlier article, one key element to your academic (and life) success is your mental health. Stigma still weighs heavily on many of us, rendering us too proud to get help. Don’t carry that shame. Give yourself permission to succeed by giving yourself the gift of support when you need it.

So what is Nightline?

Nightline is an anonymous free service for students by students. Whether you are on campus in London or studying from abroad – like I am – you get to use this peer support service. Nightline started in 1971 as a response to alarming statistics showing that the needs of struggling university students were not being met.Nightline logo

I had the pleasure of chatting with Grace, a coordinator at Nightline. With a degree in Psychology and a passion for peer support, Grace has been with the nonprofit for over four years, starting off as a volunteer peer-supporter. We discuss the origins of Nightline, the training for its volunteers, what to expect when you reach out, and why stigma around mental health stops a lot of students from getting help.

Nightline has a great blog on all the ways you can reach them as a University of London student which includes phone, Skype, live chat, and instant messaging. As Grace says, you are free to talk about anything – there are no limits.

My video interview with Nightline’s coordinator, Grace

(If you’re wondering why I keep looking down it’s because I was trying to keep one of my dogs from sabotaging the interview)

Please share this important information with your peers and comment below on how you handle your examination stress!

Holly Elissa studies the LLB via distance learning in the USA.

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