Breaking the mould: studying at 50

Here we are, the calendar says it is January 2018. For many, January is a slow reading a bookmonth, just getting back to normal, whatever that means. For us UoL students, it is a busy time. Exams just 5 months away and knowing you, that little panic button in your head is already flashing red.

January is also the time for reflection. Often you may ask, why on Earth am I doing this? Why do I subject myself to this particular kind of torture? These questions are more frequent if you are, let’s just say, more mature in age. I have been asking myself the same questions, and this year is more relevant than others. In a few weeks, I will reach a milestone birthday, yes the big 5-0. Here I am nearly 50 and still a student. I will not lie, it is not what it used to be, I cannot browse through a 600-page book in three days, now it takes me a week. Everything takes a bit longer, and finding the motivation is harder than it used to be.

Even though there is a shift in thinking about age in our modern society, still, many think I  completely lost my marbles. The struggle is manifold, especially if you have been out of the academic circle for a while. The difficulty is even greater when you study for a professional designation. In my case, I am finishing up my law degree this year and the real battle will start after that. I do realize that the road for me to be called to the bar (in Ontario) looks more like an obstacle course rather than a four-lane highway.

Not to mention, once you are called, I will be pushing mid-50s, working with people who could technically be the age of my children. Scary, isn’t it? So, again, why am I doing this? Personally, I am up for the challenge. I believe that keeping my mind occupied, keeps me young. I am also drawing a twinkling adoration from my teenage children, who are in awe of how their mother is going to be a lawyer.

If you are in your late forties, just entering your fifties; don’t give up! You can do it! You can change careers, rekindle the voice inside that has been on your case for decades. Go for it!

As Winston Churchill said:

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”.

Happy 2018 to you all!  This year, do something for YOURSELF!

Judit is studying our LLB from Canada.

18 thoughts on “Breaking the mould: studying at 50

  1. This was very inspirational. I am also a mature student. I do agree with you that it is like keep challenging yourself. As they say, “where there’s a will there’s a way”.


  2. Keep it up! I just finished my LLM in October at the age of 52. I enrolled for it in 2015 when I was 50 and it has been an incredible experience


  3. I feel the same…pushing 55 and taking these courses. I hear these kids rattle of verbatim quotes from lord Dennings in Contract and think…what am I doing here. Then I listen to my kids and they are excited about my venture as I am excited about their careers and I feel grounded again..
    Nice blog


  4. Very Inspiring, Thank you London for allowing Students to motivate each other who are on the same journey. I NEEDED THIS.


  5. Just what I needed to hear. Just turned 44 with a 1 year old son – my only child. Though I have a live-in caretaker, it is still difficult to get in a lot of reading at home. Nonetheless, I try my utmost best to do so… Many thanks for your inspiration.


  6. You have just motivated me. I am also in my late 40s and have myself that same question, “why am i doing this to myself” but I am not giving up, I will push until I finish. All the best to us all.


  7. I am encouraged that i am not alone in this. I turned fifty last year and began to think about the possibility of a career change hence my taking up the challenge to undertake a Graduate Diploma in International Development though I had studied up to PhD level in Finance in my country Nigeria. Thanks for inspiring me.


  8. Got you beat. I am 71 (have a Ph.D. in English history) and just finished taking my first law course on Public Law. Although I have been teaching for 48 years, this is my first online course and found it very interesting and informative. Still waiting for final exam results.



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