Planning coursework

Before the end of the year I got coursework and things started to be assignmentserious as each coursework is 10% and the exam would make up 80% of my grade. When I have a clear understanding of it, it is time to put effort in the coursework.

1. Get a Planner

I could never stress how important it is to get a planner at the start of your course. Always check the VLE for coursework due dates/exam dates (exam dates are released later the year). After you have your planner, the first thing you need to do is to block out the coursework due date. Please take note the due date indicated may not be the exact timing at your location as they are in UK time. Since I am studying by distant learning,  I  need to push my due date to one day earlier than the actual day itself. That is classified as the last day of my submission.

2. Always check the VLE for release of coursework

If you are in an institution or learning by yourself, always make it a habit to check your VLE at least 2 times a month. The lectures may not be the first to know of the release of coursework. You should try to have friends on the same course or join the group discussion forum. If you are studying alone, I would highly recommend you to join a group discussion forum. Coursework is released about 1.5 – 2 months before the submission date.

3. Analyse the requirement of the coursework

When it is released, I save a copy on my google drive. Apart from saving a copy, I begin to analysis all the questions. Fret not, when you first start to analyse you don’t have to know it all. I pick out all the key point based on what they required from me. Looking through the key pointers, I have a rough understanding on how to draft my first coursework submission. Apart from understanding, I try to connect the questions with the knowledge I have already gained.

4. Break the coursework into smaller tasks

Each coursework can consist of different questions and sub-questions. Start by planning how to complete each question or sub-question. Start small by finishing the easiest question first, followed by the tougher ones. For me that is the best way to learn, as I then have more time to finish the difficult questions. The research period takes longer, thus I will have more time to complete it.

5. Deadline for 1st draft

The first deadline for my 1st draft is the day when the school opens the portal for submission. It gives me more time to refine my work, as the first draft will never be the one I submit. During this time I also look through the excellent coursework examples  provided. By examining the coursework examples, I know what is required to obtain the grade I want.

6. Check, check, check

Once I’m satisfied with the final piece, it is time to submit it. Before submitting my work, there are some procedures go through to check it. Did I save it as the right file? Is the formatting right? These mistakes could cause me to lose marks. Before submitting I make sure to triple check in order not to lose marks.

These tips helps me to be more organise in my coursework and also motivate me to finish as soon as possible. I hope it helps you in your time management as well.

Krystal Lo is studying Creative Computing at a Teaching Institution in Singapore.

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