As Pink Floyd (The Wall) said: “Hello, is there anybody out there?”Hello

Since changing jobs and not likely to get a phone before the final project is due, I have lost contact with the SFP module WhatsApp group.  Now I am not getting my daily dose of international (student) news, titbits of wisdom on the course, highlights of key areas to watch out for or areas to ensure I cover.

I feel like a hermit on a small island in the middle of the Pacific.  Worse still, it feels like the small island is beginning to wash away in the tides as the Final Project looms.

In essence, I feel isolated, alone, adrift in the great ocean of study.

Hold on…. is that a ship on the horizon? Is it a figment of my imagination? A mirage? Merely a bird low on the horizon?

No. I think it is real.  Fortunately Facebook SFP – UoL exists, my Icarus teammates keep me in the loop, module announcements remind me of important dates.

All is not lost – but I still miss my SFP WhatsApp buddies.

David is studying MSc in Professional Accountancy by distance learning in London.

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