Better late than never

Better late than never: Spencer JohnsonHave you ever thought about age becoming an obstacle for us to study at the university again? I was concerned whether I’ve left it too long to study for a bachelor’s degree as I am 21, which is an age most students obtain the degree. I am sure that many of you have heard this worry before, but I believe now that it’s never too late to start again. Here’s my brief story before I enrolled at the University of London.

Previously, I failed in business law and macroeconomics class because I found no motivation for studying the business program when I was 19 years old. So, I dropped out from Webster University and shortly after I decided to help with my parents’ business. One year later, I realized that my world was bland and mundane from doing work that I didn’t have any passion or interest for in my heart. I felt the urge to find whoever I am in this world.

So guess what, I used my free time on weekends registering for short courses in many fields – fashion design, acting, modeling, singing, speech, and pattern and sewing classes. Most of these attempts were failures, I hadn’t found any spark or focus from myself when I tried those activities. I became so hopeless, feeling like I was suspended in life as I couldn’t find my true desire. That was until last New Year’s Eve, the day that I had no plan whatsoever for a holiday. I used my whole day thinking about what I loved to do in my school years; I found myself remembering a happy memory of myself showing my leisure typing stanza and my written diary to my host family and my favorite English teacher in Coldwater, Michigan during the year of 2012. I recall being encouraged by the teacher who gave me a compliment for my ardent creativity.

That was the moment my dream was enlightened after such a long time since I graduated high school. Thence, I wrote my inspirational essay called “Change of my heart” for the night of New Year’s Eve. Although, I didn’t have such a wonderful time counting down the final fireworks with my friends and family; my spirit was rejuvenated. I rediscovered my desire for writing and it had guided me to find my purpose and direction in life once again.

I had a marvellous time writing at my leisure and after a while, I became confident in what I aspired to. Thus this led me to find a new program to hone my comprehension and writing skills. That’s how I found this English degree program at the University of London International Programmes. The flexible study method means I can focus on my work at my parents’ shop and my studies, and my ambition to become a better writer at the same time.Who moved my cheese: Dr Spencer Johnson cover

There are many people who become successful later in life, and they prove to us that age is just a number. Remember, it’s never too late to begin again. The person who hasn’t achieved anything isn’t the one who has not made any mistakes or has not taken a new direction later in their life. So be glad to find your passion in your lifetime and do take action to achieve it.

Keep in mind that “Better late than never,” quoted by Spencer Johnson, the author of “Who Moved My Cheese?

Lio Lee is currently studying CertHE English University of London program by Distance Learning in Thailand.

5 thoughts on “Better late than never

  1. Hi, I started my CertHE English at University of London International Programmes at the age of 60 and got my B.A. at 64 (class of 2015). I never regretted doing the course which was a great and rejuvenating experience! My life has become ever so rich having had the opportunity to be part of this dynamic body of learning. I enjoyed the challenge and loved all the subjects as well as ‘meeting’ students from all over the world on-line. Some of us are still in touch today, and it is great that as an alumni, I still get these blogs.
    Good luck with your studies, and may we stay forever young!

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  2. Hi Lio,

    It’s so true that age shouldn’t limit ourselves when we embark on new experiences. Mindset matters more!

    I had a similar situation to yours. Two years ago, I was enrolled in a design degree in Hong Kong, and it was one that didn’t fit my learning style at all. Long story short, I made serious decisions to move on and applied for a transfer. Your post encouraged me to be grateful, that there is the option for us to switch when your path is leading you the wrong way. Keep up your messages of positivity!

    By the way, I’m studying the BA English in Bangkok. Where are you based?


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  3. Good on you Lio. I did my second degree aged 34 and started my MSc at 51. You are never to … ….. experienced (as opposed to “old”) to get further qualifications

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