The surprise pros of distance learning

Distance learning is a fabulous alternative for busy folks who have difficulty going to college. You don’t need to spend your time to go to an institute or campus as long as you have a computer with internet access.
View of Hong Kong skyline

Surprisingly, not only you have more flexibility and control over your study plans on a daily schedule, but you can also study from anywhere you live or work. This is an amazing advantage for everyone who wants to study while working!

Last week, I had a travel plan from 13 to 15 September 2017 for the Hong Kong Jewellery Fair. Let’s say if I were on an ordinary college program where I had to study in the classroom, I would have missed out on the lectures and all the related notes.

Instead of losing study hours for a mandatory timetable at college, I was able to change my study time to the days after I returned back from Hong Kong. So that’s a big advantage of the flexible study method.  Yes, the first advantage is the security of knowing you will not miss a class because you are the one in charge of your study schedule.

Travelling and studying around the worldThe second advantage; surprisingly you gain a great opportunity to gather new knowledge from outside a typical classroom. You also get to enjoy this adventure, discover a new culture and see interesting places in other countries. Being flexible means you can use some of your spare time to study on your laptop or tablet in the hotel room, as long as you have a wi-fi connection!

The third advantage; your time spent traveling won’t be the same as before. You can make the most of ‘dead time’ and become good at studying on the go. On the plane, you can read a book or use your study guide from the University of London on your handheld device. You can do all this while you wait for your exciting journey to begin.

The last and the most important advantage of being an online student is gaining skills from juggling all these tasks and to learn how best to manage your time while you are a student.

Right now, I’m taking an introduction to creative writing class. My touring experience in Hong Kong gives me a wonderful motivation to see and describe vividly the surrounding landscapes I visit. All this inspires me to form new ideas for my creative writing.

I learned so many lessons from this great journey in a far away land. It’s given me such marvelous memories and many unforgettable experiences. All of this is a treasure of a lifetime that makes this learning journey so special.

As you read about the wonderful benefits of distance learning, I believe you can adapt these into your own memorable experiences as an independent student and share them with me. Don’t forget your own advantages or experiences while being a distance learning student. Use any spare time to study from anywhere in the world you are!

Lastly, don’t forget the valuable lessons on your amazing journey, these are waiting for us everywhere around the world. Be proud to be a distance learning student!

Lio Lee is currently studying CertHE English University of London program by Distance Learning in Thailand.

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