Now that it’s over: Reflections on my CertHE experience

Looking backI was extremely busy from January to April preparing for my CertHE in English exams that I did not post to the UoL student blog during this period. Now I have completed my exams and enjoyed a period of rest, I think it is a good time to reflect on the period that has passed and write about it. My CertHE was a testing time for me, but I am glad to say that I have no regrets about going through the process.

I took all four modules of the CertHE in English. Coming to terms with the workload was always a challenge, but I found that I liked the majority of what I had to learn. If I was asked what were my favourite literary works, I would say it was The Odyssey and Waiting for Godot (from Explorations in Literature). I enjoyed The Odyssey as I had always wanted to read it in full and as I am an enthusiast of mythology. Waiting for Godot, on the other hand, was fascinating for me once I learnt about Beckett being possibly influenced by philosophy in his writings. If I was asked to name an academic book that I learned the most from, I would say it was Jennifer Jenkins’ Global Englishes (from Introduction to English Language). I found Professor Jenkins’ book to be very enlightening on current debates on the English Language.

While I enjoyed most of what I studied, the isolation that comes with the UoL program was something that I had to bear with. It is wonderful to learn new things on a daily basis; it is disheartening not to have anyone else to discuss the things you learn one–to–one. While the tutors and other students were always there and supportive, I did miss having fellow students and teachers physically present. At the same time, I’m amazed at how much a person could learn as an independent learner.

What grades I will receive for my exams is yet unknown, but I believe I did well to muster the discipline to put myself through the work. I read a lot, sometimes reading beyond the recommended reading list. The tutors who marked my formative assessments had noticed and they had commended me on how much I had read. I think these are the things I did right and should keep on doing. However I find, upon reflection, that I should have written more essays than I did. I also think that I should have spent more time on developing my arguments. Going forward to the next year of study, my schedule will have time for these. I will be starting my background reading from tomorrow for the DipHE as it will allow me a less congested schedule, a longer study period and a less stressful time during exams next year.

Finally, while it was a testing time, my CertHE was also very rewarding. I find myself more confident about my abilities, enjoying what I study and looking forward to the next challenge that is soon to be; the DipHE or my second year with UoL.

Kasun is studying the CertHE in English by distance learning in Sri Lanka.

4 thoughts on “Now that it’s over: Reflections on my CertHE experience

  1. Wow well done mate on completing your CertHE!!

    Was wondering how many books from the reading list you had to read?

    Wishing you all of the best fro the forthcoming year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! If you are asking about the total number of texts for the Literature module, student’s are asked to study 10, but I think you could manage with 8. Hope I answered the question. :)


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