‘Use every spare half hour wisely!’

Happy New YearHappy New Year friends across the World!

Hope 2017 has been a great year thus far with many more happy days to come!

That time of the year has come and if you are like me, then you are already beginning to stress yourself. Exams are just around the corner, so this is our time to pick our lazy butts off the couch and begin to do some serious work.

By now we should have at least had a first reading of all the modules we would be taking in May. If not, don’t worry, you still have a number of days to do so in January. I believe by February, we should be doing a second reading of the materials and linking it to past papers, if you haven’t already begun doing so. That is, read the past papers and the study materials together with an aim to answering the questions. In other words, let everything begin to come together and make sense.

It is not a secret that I find it difficult to study and often ask myself, “Why did I decide to go back to school?” However, once I do study and understand at least a paragraph of material, I get a glimpse of hope which is sufficient to help me move forward.

I have never been a morning person, so being up early for work is the most painful daily task I undertake. Studying in the morning has never been a possibility for me. However, having not been as successful in studying over the past few months, I needed to make a change and stop wasting time. I needed to find a new strategy. That was me being honest to myself about my laziness.

So here is what I have started doing and thus far has been working for me.

Image of ClocksSo as to avoid traffic on a morning to work, I am up by 5:15, I play with my doggie children for a while and then attempt to leave home by 6:20. Leaving at this time, it takes me about 30 minutes to get to work. If I leave at 6:30 (just 10 minutes after!) it takes me more than an hour. At a non-busy time, the same drive takes me less than 10 minutes! So imagine my daily frustration at this.

I get into work by 7am and I have breakfast. By 7:15, I would begin to read my study materials. I would do so until 7:50. Prior to this, I always thought that studying for half an hour did not make any sense. Also, I used this time to sleep when I got into work early! In case, you didn’t already realise, I love to sleep! I once fell asleep standing, with my head on the railing, on the back of a ship in the middle of the ocean. My family had a time laughing at me.

Anyway, if I get time to read during the day at work, I do so. Usually during lunch break, I try to read as well.

I get home by 5pm. I play with my doggie children for some time again. Then I have a nap for about 2 hours. Usually by 9 or 10 pm I begin to study. I do so until 12 midnight or some days until 1am. Then I spend another hour on Netflix! So I go to bed at 2am and I am up again by 5:15.

My life is pretty much Eat, Sleep, Law, Repeat.

From yesterday I started back running in the evening. So hopefully this helps in some way.

Moving on from all my ramblings above, the point of this post is really to say:

“Use every spare half hour wisely!”

Sunny beach in Trinidad

‘Find your escape. Take a break and relax.’

No-one can tell you how to study. It is up to each of us to find what works for us. Know whether you are a morning person or an evening person, know how many hours of reading you can do at any one point in time (I recommend no more than 2 hrs at a time). Personally, 45 mins of study followed by a 5 mins break works really well.

So instead of using up energy stressing yourself, sit, be calm, and figure out what works!

I know many of us have issues studying and that’s why I like blogging about it…it helps us to know we are not alone!

All the best to each and everyone.

Best Regards from the sunny isle of Trinidad,


Philip is studying for a Master of Laws (LLM) in Trinidad and Tobago. He has previously completed the Bachelor of Laws (LLB).

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