The summer of the study guide

CannaThere is nothing like a bit of physical work and a DIY project to develop a sense of satisfaction. This weekend I planted three flower beds and installed outdoor furniture including a wonderful swing with a canopy.  The big, old fashioned porch swing at my grandparent’s house is my favorite summer spot.  We are substituting a flowering crab apple tree for the porch here in our seasonal, suburban idyll, but somehow the idea of a lazy afternoon swinging in the shade is incredibly appealing. Hopefully we made a lovely bower, a quiet place to enjoy the seasons. I plan to settle in to the wonderfully plush pillows with my puppy, watch the canna grow, and work on the units in my Western European legal history study guide at every opportunity.

This is the summer of the Study Guide.  I am paying attention to skills like becoming proficient with the legal databases in our VLE resources, expanding my research with the eBooks available through the programme and online library, and keeping informed about what professionals in my area of interest are publishing.  Managing that information means using a methodical approach to research and writing study guide lessons.

The calendar might say June, but I am thinking ahead to exams later this summer and planning the best way to learn how to be a lawyer.  I have read the essential books and most of the articles very helpfully included in guide contents.  Now, it’s time to begin prioritizing material and summarizing the content in my own words.  If I allow two weeks for each chapter it should bring me right up to exam time.  One thing I learned during English studies is to start early and organize the details needed to write a good paper under exam conditions.

I also learned how easy it is for everything I ever knew to fly out of my head when the timer starts in the exam room.  My strategy to embrace and retain everything I am lawn swinglearning is to use the feedback provided with each unit to structure a 3 to 4 page paper for each sample question. There are approximately six to eight questions per chapter, with five chapters in the guide.  I think this strategy will help me develop a good understanding of the course content and be confident for my exams.  Now, we are adjourning to the swing with a laptop, study guide, and a big pitcher of iced espresso.

Caowrites is enrolled in the Postgraduate Laws Programme. She previously earned a BA English degree and blogged regularly about her experience. She studies by distance learning in the United States.

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