Finals have ended.

Keep calm. Breathe and focus.My last papers have come and gone.

For now, I have finished.

I am certain that there are some people that haven’t finished yet.

To those people I say, hang in there. It’s almost over. Just make sure to do your best.

Keep calm. Breathe and focus.

Here are some tips for how I handle myself in the last few hours before the exam.

For the day before the exam, I read lightly and just do my best to go through some past years’ questions quickly. I don’t like to stress myself out before the exams so I read lightly. Mostly, I focus on trying to calm myself because I tend to get stressed rather easily. This works for me. But if you feel like you can and want to read more or practice more, go ahead. My tips are just how I handled it and I just want to share it out to see if other people might find them useful.

Carmon blog 2 (1)I do not read or practice anything at night. Reading and practicing at night only stresses me out. So during the night, I tell myself that I can do this. I know I can do this. It’s all at the tips of my fingers.

I sleep relatively early. I sleep around midnight. I want to give my brain all the rest it needs. If you have a routine or something that you do for exams, go ahead and do it. I like drinking juice the night before because I feel that it keeps my mind fresh and gives me some energy.

I usually arrive a whole hour earlier before the stated time that I have to be in the examination centre. So if the exam is at 9am and the stated time I need to be in the examination centre is 8.30am, then, I will arrive at 7.30am.

From 7.30am to 8am, I will probably do some more light reading and quickly go through some past years. I do this just to keep the knowledge in my head fresh.

From 8am to 8.30am, I will stop reading and just calm myself down because I would be relatively nervous by this time. Seeing other candidates also makes me even more nervous. So I just need to centre myself.

I enter the exam hall at 8.30am. I like to go in early so that I can also calm myself down. I am very prone to freaking out when I see the exam questions. One year, my mind went blank for a while and I had to force myself to calm down. That took some time and thus, my time was wasted.

So that is how I do it.

But for those who are done. WELL DONE. Now, it’s time to enjoy the semester break. We deserve it after months of hard work. Pat yourself on the back and treat yourself.

As for me, I am not quite sure what to do yet. I should have made a list though of what I want to do. But oddly enough, I have enjoyed my year 3 so much that now that it is over, I feel a rather empty void in me. Oh well. Enough of that. It’s also time for me to rest. I hope that everyone gets to enjoy the semester break!!

Carmen is studying the BSc Economics and Management at HELP College of Arts and Technology in Malaysia.

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