Postgraduate Laws Exams and the VLE

study essentialsIt has been a little hectic these last few weeks working to balance home, professional, and study responsibilities.  One of the most helpful things about self-directed study, especially at the postgraduate level, is the ability to manage my schedule and focus on shifting priorities. As we enter exam time, study and revision will become time management concerns. Now, as I settle in to law studies on this cold and rainy day, all of my essentials are beside me – my favourite notebooks and computer, the indispensable phone, a steaming espresso, and my sweet little dog.  Although I will not be sitting exams this time, it is a great time to learn from other students and become familiar with study resources.

Because I just started on the programme, the special tutorials and other resources on the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) provide a great opportunity to develop a better understanding of expectations for my courses and review examples of exam related work. These resources will help me manage my time effectively and get the best results from my efforts.

Our law programme exams require essays that will test my ability to analyse and resolve legal issues. With that in mind, I decided to use the time before May exams to think about my approach to study and essay writing.  My goal is to work on analysing questions and structuring detailed, comprehensive answers.  If I can train myself to do this now, I will be confident about preparation for my own exams later this year.

One of the reasons I decided to study law is the skill required to analyse and organise data for effective arguments. The hierarchy and presentation of information speaks to me in a profound way. Gaining this skill and preparing for exams requires two approaches:

  1. Learning the legal subject material
  2. Organising and presenting essays in exams.

The PG Laws VLE offers some very useful tools to accomplish both goals.  For example, the VLE offers important resources like tutorials, student chat areas for each course, past exams and examiners’ reports, and an online library.  If you are thinking about enrolling in the laws programme or are looking for tools to revise for exams, you can also search for U of L International Programmes lectures on YouTube and iTunes. I find it very helpful to hear points stressed by the lectures. They inspire me to start asking questions that lead to better arguments and essays.

The laws faculty is also leading tutorials for specific courses. If you are enrolled in a course with a tutorial, it is an incredible opportunity to get a different perspective, build confidence, and refine exam preparation. I participated in tutorials all through my undergraduate study with the U of L International Programmes and plan to engage with as many as I can in my PG Laws degree study.

If you are preparing for exams, please let me know what you find most effective.  It would be wonderful to meet here and in the VLE!

Caowrites has just enrolled in the Postgraduate Laws Programme. She previously earned a BA English degree and blogged regularly about her experience. She studies by distance learning in the United States.

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