Final month tips

Well, there is less than a month to our exams. hourglass-silhouetteI just received my admission notice recently. I am sure everyone is filled with jitters. Personally, I am filled with jitters. Especially so when I realise that with each passing day, my exams are one day closer. It’s quite scary to know that your exams are so close and you still feel rather unprepared.

Yes, I still feel rather unprepared. But then again, I realised that I have always felt unprepared throughout these years. So now, all I can do is deal with this feeling. If you constantly feel unprepared like me, you can try studying almost daily, just so you can tell yourself it’s okay, I studied today.

Accept that you will feel like nothing has entered your brain despite studying all day. Don’t fight it. Just accept.

Rest when you need rest. Your brain and body can only take so much.relax-1183533_960_720

If you are easily panic stricken like me, also remember to breathe when you are panicking. Try to calm down. Studying during a panic is usually unproductive. Trust me, I know.

Remember to stay calm during these times and in the exam hall. This is something I must personally remember.

Also, if you find your current studying strategy is not working, change it up. Constantly readjust your study strategy and your stress coping strategy. Then monitor it to gauge if it’s working. If you find food to be your comfort, eat good food. If you think exercise will give you more energy, then exercise.

Most of all, do not be afraid of the exams. The university is not out to slay us. It’s just out to test our knowledge on what we have learnt this year. If you have been studying consistently, just know that you are already doing what the university wants which is learning the subject matter. So give yourself more credit.


Anyway, keep calm and all the best. This is the last leg of the marathon. So let’s do this!

Carmen is studying the BSc Economics and Management at HELP College of Arts and Technology in Malaysia.

One thought on “Final month tips

  1. Just remember, no matter how hard going or how much stress, never turn to essay writing services to get your work completed on time. Even if you fail your course you can always re-sit your exams and take pride in the fact that you succeeded on your own without folding under the pressure and seeking help from others.

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