Hello from Malaysia!

Malaysian blogger CarmenHello,

My name is Carmen Yong Kah Mun and I am currently in the first year of BSc Economics and Management at the University of London International Programmes.

Anyhow, this is my first post and thus, I am new here. As a newcomer here, I come and say, HELLO~~!

Unlike many of the bloggers here who study independently, I study in a local institution in my home country which is Malaysia.

To be honest, I find the University of London course very challenging and because of that, I respect anyone who studies independently.

Anyhow, the exam is coming closer and that stresses me up.

I feel very unprepared and so, I am very scared.

It also doesn’t help that I lose motivation when I get stressed up. That just makes things worse.

And right now, I try to cope with the stress by trying to calm myself.

Other than that, I have made a countdown towards my exams to remind me that I have to spend my time studying instead of playing around or other things that can wait. Putting this countdown has helped me focus somewhat.

As for motivation, I remind myself the main reason why I chose to do this course in the first place. What is that reason?

I actually love Economics.

And with that, no matter how hard this course gets, I know that it will be worth it.

So, as our exams gets closer, I hope that everyone’s study plans go according to plan.

As our exams gets closer, I hope that everyone clench their fists and do their best.

I wish everyone the best~!

Carmen is studying the BSc Economics and Management in Malaysia.

11 thoughts on “Hello from Malaysia!

  1. hello carmen,
    im in my second year and im pretty much having the same feeling as the exams gets closer! what exams would you be giving this year?


  2. @funmi thanks~~!

    @elchin all the best to you too~~~!

    @AT hey~! yea, I am getting very stressed too. I will be taking Intro to econs, Stats 1, maths 1 and Principles of Sociology for my year 1 exams.


  3. hi Carmen, I’m Ain from Malaysia. I would like to enroll a program from University of London International Program. Do you mind to give me your email , I need some guide and advice for the application. Hope to hear from you soon!


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