Our President, Our Choice…

On a sunny, balmy morning we were all awake, ready and prepared. We went out in families and groups. On our way, we met our neighbours and friends, and greeted each other in cheerful faces and satisfied smiles. Finally the long waited day has come. Our dream is about to see the sun. We stood together in long queues, waiting anxiously and blissfully.

After 50 minutes of marvelling, now it is my turn. Following the directions, I enter the station, search for my name in a long list, and show my ID. I sign my name to take the terminating sheet and head directly towards the privy booth. Now it is time! I hold the pen and look at the names with open eyes and hying heart beats. For a moment, I wonder if I am sure of my choice. Is it the best for all the faces I’ve just left behind? After all, the 80 million of us will always have several opinions, but at least we can find the most agreeable. So I tick on my choice and put the sheet securely in the transparent box. I dip my finger in the phosphoric ink and leave lightly and peacefully…

This is simply the story of our elections day as we have lived it. But before I end, I’d like to direct my final words towards our future president: “Dear Mr President – whoever you are – we want you to know that we have made you our choice and, in return, we are expecting to be your first priority.”

Thank you,
The Egyptian electorate

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