The Gift

After 18 weeks of studying, 90 days of reading, writing and solving equations, 630 hours of extensive brain activity and hard work, it is time to “pause and think”. It is time to evaluate accomplishments and assess the worthiness of this effort. A flashback of the early days of October when one knew hardly anything beyond the main headings of four comprehensive subjects evokes an appreciation of the width and depth of the information, analyses and conclusions reached. It is time to be grateful to God for the gift of learning.

I can still remember the first thing I have learned at school 16 years ago. The first time I held a pencil and “draw” my name, and how lucky I was to have a little nice name with only two letters (in Arabic alphabets) that mimic my childish drawing of a baby duck (مى is how my name is written in Arabic. I hope this appears correctly on your screen.) This was my first tiny miny step in an endless process of learning; a process of accumulative observations, interpretations and deliberations which makes the accomplishments of the sixteenth year the top of an iceberg.

A contemplation of this progressive evolution of ideas and thoughts that has shaped my life experience makes one imagine how regretful life in ignorance can be. This reflection provokes a mixed sense of sorrow and responsibility– sorrow for those who have been deprived of such invaluable gift and responsibility to apply every piece of knowledge gained to make the world a better place. For an appreciation alone is never enough, I always have to renew my intention to put benefiting the world on top of my priorities in every work, which is how I thank God for this one of his infinite gifts.

Post by: Mai Mahmoud

3 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Sweet inspiring words Mai.
    Guess what?? You have realized the fabulous deep meaning of “learning”… and unlike many others, you have found it a “gift from GOD”. How amazing it feels when one realize and analyze the steps of knowledge he has gone through all his lifelong… from writing his name using a pencil, to writing a comlicated research using all possible other means!!

    I wish you all the best in life.


  2. Very inspirational and kindly words Mai, however can we get connected by any means as i have many enquiries i want to ask you about



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